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Master Of Cover Ups? Dilyn The Dog

If you’ve ever wondered how public relations works in delaying and masking important news, I have a grand example for you today. But first, let me give you some context.

Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the UK, is currently dating Carrie Symonds. Who, coincidentally just so happens to be a Public Relations specialist for the Conservative party. Knowing her and knowing how PR works, I’d say BoJo residing in Number 10 is thanks in no small part to his girlfriend’s publicity advice. In fact, I’d go so far as speculate whether she pulls the strings to his quirky personality which seems to win him big bonus points with his supporters.

Some (and by some I mean, me) would argue that all of BoJo’s weird personality traits are really just quirks he uses to market himself…

I’d also conjecture that Downing Street’s latest reveal was at least partly conjured up by Miss Symonds too. A PR pro who knows the news, knows the government and knows the public. It’s hard not to believe that a charming news story managed to delay some pretty important parliamentary news for at least a day. (And a day is an awfully long time in politics).

Dilyn The Rescue Pup – Master Of Cover-Ups

Maybe I’m coming on too strong (tell me if I am), but I’m a cynic who thinks that the well-timed arrival of Dilyn the rescue Jack Russell was just a little to close to the news that broke that we could see another general election occur before Brexit. I had no idea about this speculation until my boyfriend mentioned it yesterday. And I mean, a general election right before the Brexit date is huge. Position it right and that’s pretty much a second referendum.

He’d heard about it on social media. But why hadn’t I heard about it? Especially when I monitor the news all day. Well, that would be because I, along with many others I’m sure, we’re all cooing over Dilyn the adorable rescue dog instead.

Dilyn the rescue dog - Number 10 dog
It’s no coincidence that PR mastermind Carrie Symonds is pictured everywhere with Dilyn, right?

But surely one wouldn’t use a puppy as a cover-up? Well, worse things have happened and like I vocalised on Twitter yesterday. If Dilyn was used to delay the breaking news of a possible parliamentary election, then at least he got a loving home out of the situation too right. For any rescue pup, I can’t see him having minded too much about being used as a media story, and for Johnson and his party, they got to delay the medias attention for at least around 24 hours. So it’s a win-win situation.

But am I just being a sceptic? Perhaps. Having a deep-rooted passion for PR has made me that way. I can’t pass anything by now without wondering whether it was done for a deliberate purpose. I can’t lie, I was thinking about this literally all evening as soon as my boyfriend had mentioned the chance of another election. But then my thoughts were confirmed at least somewhat by Rach who’d asked for my opinon on what she described as a ‘clever marketing effort by Borris’.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 17.26.53.png

Yes! I knew I wasn’t alone in believing that the adoption of Dilyn had at least partial marketing incentives behind it. I mean, perhaps Johnson and Symonds did really really want a puppy (I mean, who doesn’t?!) and Carrie with her awesome PR mind just saw an opportunity and grasped it?

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 17.29.03.png

What do YOU guys think? As mentioned above I’m a super dubious about almost everything nowadays. I blame my passion for PR, mixed in with my love of conspiracy theories. So maybe I’ve missed the mark? OR, maybe you agree that Dilyn was a marketing ploy, and even more so – was used as a cover-up of the general election speculation that broke today. Either way, let me know your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below. I always love to hear them!


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