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ThoughtsOfJessica? I Don’t Know Her

Many of you won’t know, well – none of you in fact as I’ve not mentioned it to anybody – that I’ve been having a big personal struggle with blogging recently. Encompassed with the hard realities of working full time, trying to maintain a healthy gym schedule and a social life too – it’s often hard to find the time for blogging. Which pains me to say because writing is one of my most favourite things to do. I was never particularly athletic or interested in your typical every day hobbies, but I always had a strong affliction with writing.

So finding the time to write has always been pretty fundamental to me. When travelling, I’m much more inclined to pull out my laptop to blog than I am to pull out my iPhone to play games. However, that being said, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to find the time in my ever-hectic life to dedicate moments to doing what I love.

And a couple of weeks ago, I truly came to a crossroad. I make it no secret that I struggle with confidence and often feel overshadowed by the greats in our industry who are producing much better content than I could ever aim to write. So when I was faced with the conundrum that the time available to write was on a dramatic decline; I questioned whether it was time to call it a day completely.

But Did I Give Up?

Did I ever.

I’m no stranger to multitasking and bloody hard work. I thrive off being busy. However, that being said, I am admittedly finding it harder and harder to balance my time as I take on more responsibility at work and get more and more passionate about the industry in which I work.

The debacle of my inner mind questioned where my priorities lied. What should I be making time for, and what needs to take the back burner? During this debate was where I raised the question: “should I continue blogging at all?”

I spent some time reading through some of my older blog posts, and also some of the ones that have done really well over time and have had great engagement. I then took to my emails and private messages where I’ve had a fair few PR students message me to enlighten me on how my work has helped them in their studies, or how it has inspired them to build their own platform. And once I’d taken the time to reflect on the above, it became really clear to me that despite my increasingly busy life, I don’t want to give up blogging.

So I didn’t. But I did decide I needed a change to reflect where I’m moving forward in my life.

A New Domain For A Fresh Start

I created the domain when I first founded this blog. I didn’t have high hopes for it really, I just wanted a platform to write on. I actually started out with the mindset that I would be blogging about lifestyle-related topics (I think my first post was about decorating my university room, so yeah) because I thought that was pretty much all there was to it in the blogosphere. My old domain reflected this mindset I believe. I never really intended to take blogging as seriously as I do now. However, I soon realised that I was to become more invested in my little space on the internet than I ever thought I would.

This is when I bought my domain.

Another mistake, I now realise (but hey, we live and learn from them right?). Really, I should have used this opportunity as a fresh start, but in the spur of the moment, I ended up pretty much sticking with where I started and thus (the slightly more sophisticated but not really ‘there’) was born.

I was happy with this domain at the time, and was for quite a period after. However, as I graduated and started writing more professionally, I was desperate for a change. I wanted to build out my brand identity as a working professional, and in my opinion, my current domain didn’t echo the kind of persona I wanted to portray.

So in hindsight now, I see as the person I was at university (metaphorically of course). Still learning, a little naive and quite unsure of who I wanted to be. It’s good to reminisce, but also time for me to move on from that now.

Therefore, I took to Twitter yesterday to ask you – the people who read my blog and keep it alive – ‘where I should head for my new venture?’

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.35.57.png

I was originally edging towards Largely because I like the idea that this is a blog, a place where I can write whatever I feel and a place that accounts for my personal opinions. However, I received some advice from a follower, maintaining that “.com as .blog doesn’t sound as professional and neither does first+middle name (feels more amateur than you are). And PR makes it too long and sounds too corporate and narrow.” Which pretty much cemented it for me (accompanied by 56% of the votes) that was the route to go down.

And thus, as of today, is now my registered domain and pretty soon will be the only URL you can reach me on.

Blog featured images (95)

It felt right to make the change. When you know, you know, right?

Will My Blog Be Any Different?

This is an interesting question that I wanted to quickly answer. As a rule, I would say no – you can expect this blog to remain how it’s always been. I’m still as opinionated as ever, and am still as passionate (if not more) to talk about the PR & Communications industry. Despite a few design changes (nothing huge or too exciting), most of what you know about this site will remain as it is.

The only thing that I would say is set to change is my attitude to blogging and the way in which I write. At the moment, I sometimes refrain from writing when I think an article has no place on my blog. That’s going to stop. From now on, I plan to write not only in abundance, but also about whatever I want. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions to share, and you bet you’ll be hearing about them in the days and weeks to come.

Not only this, but I’m trying to take more time to reflect on the way I write and what I write about. In the past, I’ve been guilty of writing without substance and have been so keen to get an opinion out there that I haven’t taken the time to even proofread what I’ve written. Spelling and grammar mistakes are not uncommon in some of my earlier articles, and there’s also a fair bit of content that I’m not particularly proud of. From now on though, staying true to the new professional persona I want to embody, I’m aiming to make my blogs more sophisticated, and to have more solidity in my content.

So what I’d say is watch this space. And watch what I plan to do. I really did have to reason with myself to keep this blog alive, and now I’ve committed to sticking with it I plan to put my heart and soul into it more than I ever have before. 


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