How far would you go for publicity? | Kourtney Kardashian in bathtub
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How Far Would You Go For Publicity?

It’s naivety to think that anything the Kardashians or the Jenners do is accidental.

You’ve heard the saying ‘the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder’ and it’s entirely true. The Dash-Jenner PR machine is tireless and is one to be truly admired. I’m not a fan of their lifestyle, but I’m sure in awe of their marketing. From the teasing of Kylie’s pregnancy to Kim Kardashian asking fast-fashion brands to ‘please let her wear her outfit before copying it’ to which, fast fashion brands responded to almost immediately by copying her outfit. (Of course). The Kardashian-Jenner empire has their PR and communications on absolute lockdown, and they’re always in the public eye for one reason or another (which channels in an ongoing stream of revenue for them. Neat!)

But, how far would they go for a bit of publicity?

Kourtney Kardashian And The Botched Photoshop Job

That’s something to ask Kourtney Kardashian, who is the latest of the famed family to appear in headlines. This time though, for something that’s questionably newsworthy and actually, in a lot of people’s opinions, pretty ridiculous.

It’s alleged (and when I say alleged, I mean totally blindingly obvious) that Kourtney has either terribly photoshopped her own body on an image of ‘her’ in the bathtub, or has actually added her face on to the body of another. Either way that you look at it – it’s a terrible editing job…

…Not like she doesn’t know that already though.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 15.45.27

Uploading the photo with a totally unironic caption would suggest (but let me come to that in a moment) that she sees nothing wrong with the image. However, it doesn’t take an expert in editing to highlight how problematic this botched photoshop job actually is.

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You wouldn’t need to highlight this to Kourtney Kardashian, though, as she’s completely aware already.

Everything Is Deliberate

That’s because the word ‘accidental’ doesn’t appear in the Kardashian-Jenner dictionary. They’re the most influential family in the world for a reason, and that’s because they’ve hit home hard with their comms in order to get to that position and status. From their TV appearances to their social media personalities – whether you’re a fan of them or not – when you work in media relations, it’s hard not to be a fan of their efforts at the very least.

And keeping their name in the media is something that the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s are always keen to do. At any cost.

Which is depicted by the latest stunt – Kourtney’s soon-to-be infamous Instagram upload yesterday. Which is deliberate by all means, and is just another example of how the Kardashian and Jenner clad will stop by no means to keep people talking about them. I truly believe that they’re an advocate for the stance that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ (for which I am not, despite me admiring how they’ve marketed themselves) – but seriously, how far do you need to go?

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 15.30.04

As iconic as they are, how cheap do their shots need to be? I’m sure Kourtney Kardashian will later claim her Instagram post was nothing more than a cheap laugh. But anyone within the comms remit will know there’s more to it. Like every single member of that household, she wanted people to talk about her.

Never one to bash a creative idea, I can’t deny that – much like all the others – this Kardashian stunt has worked again. And to an extent, you have to applaud them for the inane and quirky ways in which they raise their public profile time and time again. But on the other hand, how much would you be willing to risk for a shot of publicity?

Because let’s face it – though Kourtney will undoubtedly claim the Instagram debacle as a joke, there are tonnes who’ve taken to social media already to laugh at her rather than with her. It’s not the best publicity you could ask for (but I suppose it isn’t the worst either). Being as clever as they are as a unit, I’d have thought that the family could’ve come up with something a little better than this to generate their much-craved stir in the press.

However, I guess you can’t knock anyone – not even the Jenners and the Kardashians – for trying.

What do you think? Was this latest caper just too ridiculous to be used as a publicity-attracting gimmick? Or, on the flip side of the coin, do you applaud the Kardashian’s in their efforts and their weird and wonderful ways to spread their public image?

Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go For Publicity?”

  1. I don’t follow Kourtney on any social media accounts anymore, so i actually didn’t hear about it until reading your post. This is actually hilarious. Also…genius? Like you said, they want people to talk about them, and what other way other than feeling like you “outsmarted” them by figuring out that it was photoshop, when it was planned out all along. Great post jessica xxx

    Melina |


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