What an EGG teaches us about social media… Again

I recently wrote a post on what an egg can teach us about social media, concentrating mainly on its [social medias] superficiality – proven by the fact that a stock photo image of an egg became the most liked photo on Instagram in a matter of days, dethroning arguagly the worlds most famed ‘influencer’ – Kylie Jenner. I made it no secret that I couldn’t even believe I was writing a blog post around this topic, as who’d have called it really, that 2019’s most renowned broken record so far was the product of an idea as random and inane as celebrating a hen’s egg for all it’s worth.

Despite myself, though, I find myself in this exact same predicament – writing about an egg and what it can teach us about social media and the way the world works – again. 

This time though, I’m much happier to be writing about the project and what it conveys. Throughout my last blog post I was sorta’ in disbelief that I was actually repeatedly talking about an egg and what it can teach us, this time – I can’t write fast enough about what a wonderful campaign this turned out to be simply because I’m so in awe of its intelligence and creativity.

Pressure gets to the best of us…

…Even breakfast foods apparently.

Shortly after the stir of the world_record_egg doing exactly that – breaking a world record, something strange begun to happen to the Instagram account. Having only one photo for such a long while, it came as a surprise to followers when more images were uploaded. Only this time, the egg started to crack.


Showing more and more damage with every new post, the penultimate upload saw the egg we’ve come to know and love styled like an American football, denouncing that all would be revealed shortly after the ending of Superbowl last Sunday night.

It had been the question that so marketing and media had been asking for weeks: “who made the egg that racked up 10 million followers in one month and more than tripled the previous record for engagement on a single post?”

The answer: Chris Godfrey, a creative at The&Partnership in London.

Source: Adweek

Staying true to its word, on Sunday night a short video revealed why the egg had been ‘cracking’ over the past few days. The answer was the pressure of social media.

And this, is exactly how a photo of an egg transformed into one of the most innovative campaigns of the decade.

The masterminds behind the magic

What we soon came to realise that the ominous egg that smashed the Instagram-likes world record out of the park was actually much more than meets the eye. Most of us thought this would have been the work of a lone user trying to prove a point, but actually – it was the product of an absolutely ingenious and inventive campaign. One like nothing the world has ever seen before, really.

Starting out as an idea that turned into something huge, next up for the campaign was to team with a brand that could turn it into something spectacular. And that’s where Hulu comes in.

“I saw the egg like everyone else did,” Hulu VP of brand marketing and culture Nick Tran told Adweek. “I saw the trend pop up in social with lots of celebrities making references, and once it bypassed Kylie Jenner’s post, it became something on a lot of folks’ radar.”

From the mass of agencies and brands looking to work with the ‘Egg Gang’, as they are now known, Hulu secured the deal. Keen to use the opportunity to promote Mental Health America and portray the pressures of social media – as opposed to an ad or a vanity metric.

What it teaches us about social media (again)

Last time, I went into a great deal of detail as to how a photo so simple almost tripling the engagement of impressions compared to the last world record holder proved to us that social media really isn’t that deep.

This time, I don’t need to go into abrupt detail as to what else this egg teaches us about social media – as it’s already told us itself.

The main message that the campaign conveys is that social media can get too much, the pressure can get to you and you will, inevitably, crack. In a world where barely anything is private anymore, it’s not unusual to feel the strain of a social presence. If you have no social media accounts, you’ll feel almost alienated and like you’re missing out. And on the flip side, if you have a well-populated account and a high following – you will, of course, feel the pressure of this too. There seems to be no happy medium and you literally cannot win.

You know it’s a problem when even an egg cannot escape the pressures from social media

The ad hones in how it’s okay to talk to somebody if you’re struggling, and though its message is short – it’s clear.

In my eyes, it’s an absolutely phenomenal campaign that really hits home with its purpose yet is so simple in execution. The team at Hulu and The&Partnership, or rather the ‘Egg Gang’ really ought to be so proud of themselves for this one – as it’s iconic and an absolute benchmark example of successful PR and comms.

I couldn’t think of a better and more innovative way to raise awareness of the issue of social media and its effect on mental health than this. It targets all the right people and reaches them through the medium which it aims to combat, making the impact two-fold if not higher.

I absolutely love the messages that are to be learned here and think that everything about this campaign in its entirety is incredible, and it’s certainly one of (if not the) best mental health pledge I’ve ever seen.

What do you think of the initiative and its meaning? Let me know in the comments below.

P.s. – Thank You!

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It’s amazing in fact.

Therefore, I just wanted to say a big… No, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the awards. If it wasn’t for the people who read my blog and support me every day, I almost certainly wouldn’t bother. So for that, endless gratitude is in order.

Thank you.

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