Creative campaigns #8 – the most romantic site on the web

I stumbled across this lovely little initiative and, after doing a bit more digging, I realised I couldn’t not talk about it on my blog. Though not necessarily a well-known creative campaign, It’s still a really great idea in my opinion – and that’ll always warrant a space on this blog.

If not for its complete uniqueness – which is super charming, but for the fact that this business donates 50% of all its profits to charity. Most companies throw 1% of a certain portion of their earnings to an organisation and it wins them countless brownie points within the media, yet it’s not often you come across a project that promises to see HALF of all it’s earnings go to a worthy cause.

Anyway, off I go again getting ahead of myself. First, let me explain 1000 Couples to you, and then I’ll move onto why I think it’s a really effective little campaign, not to mention super creative and original.

Find your forever place on the internet

Everyone’s heard the old saying ‘once something goes out on the web, it’s there forever’, but this is rarely construed in a positive light. This company, however, capitalises on this truth; but uses it for good cause instead. And I love that.

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 17.15.49
The site allows you to leave a message to your spouse that’ll remain visible forever – cute!

The cost for a space on the site costs $199… At first, but in a bid to raise more for charity – every time somebody purchases a package, the price increases by a dollar.

I like this idea because not only is it a unique little quirk, but also because it encourages prospects to get in there early – which, from a business and PR point of view, is a stellar tactic. *Insert a big thumbs up*.

Dubbed ‘the most romantic space on the internet’, 1000 Couples rings true to its name, only allowing 1000 couples to sign up before submissions are closed. Period. Oh, and it’s not just your name that’s cemented, either. You can leave a message along with a photograph – and, what’s more, that same photo will also be used in a compilation on the home page. (Which, FYI, looks to be super cute).

screenshot 2019-01-21 at 18.18.46
It kinda reminds me of a scrapbook or a digital Juliet’s balcony, and I’m a sucker for that kind of sentiment

Besides leaving a loving legacy, there’s also a few more reasons that I really like this idea.

For one, the fact that 50% of their profits go to charity is a big, big winning point. I touched on this at the start, but I just wanted to say it again. Any organisation willing to donate some of their revenue to help others will always be in my good books. Secondly, leaving your forever note doesn’t end there – there’s also a whole host of discounts and offers available to consumers. And finally, the originality of this idea is what really sells it to me above anything else. The idea of non-physical gifts isn’t a new one, purchasing a star or an acre of the moon are just a few of the gifts you can declare your love for your other half with, but never before have I seen something like this.

It’s a truly unique and creative campaign, and as you know from my ramblings by now – those, to me, are the best kind.

But before I get ahead of myself and dive right into why this one’s a great campaign, let’s break it off with a header.

Why 1000 Couples is a top creative campaign

There are a number of reasons as to why I chose to feature this company in amongst my creative campaigns for the year. So much so that I’m going to break them down. (That’s how you know I’m a fan).

#1 – It’s a truly inventive idea, and something new – which is always welcomed in this industry

Most markets are saturated nowadays and most good ideas are simply upcycled. Originality is so hard to achieve and only the true greats pull it off. However, this project is perfectly distinctive and is the exact kind that’ll generate the right media attention for being so.

#2 – It’s topical, which is always a winner over the seasonal periods

I LOVE Valentine’s Day, and I’m not alone in that. Many, including journalists, are hot on this holiday and therefore the fact that this campaign has been tied to the date cements it as a winner in my eyes. Seasonal media relations always seem to lend themselves to more success for some reason – making this creative idea even better.

#3 – The business model is really, really clever

OK, this point is less PR and more business, nevertheless, this organisations model is tip top too. Charging slightly more for every new consumer ensures that prices don’t go too high (so not to put potential buyers off) but also adds an element of urgency. How many times have you panic-brought because of a ‘3 people are looking at this now’ notification? I do it all the time, which proves that this kind of gentle nudge works. And for that, 1000 Couples examples a great business strategy alongside its creative campaign elements.

#4 – It’s just a nice idea

The non-materialist amongst us love a sentimental gift, I’m a sucker for one. To me, gifts are always more about the thought than the money, and publicly announcing what you love about your partner really echos ‘thought’ in that sense. It’s a nice idea, in my opinion – and one I believe will do truly well in the run-up to V-Day.

What do you think of this creative campaign? Let me know in the comments below.

P.s. – Thank You!

pr marketing comms finalist badge

I’m not quite done yet either. I’m in a small but brilliant pool of talented and creative writers, and I too often feel as though I don’t belong here. Therefore, to be in amongst the finalists for the UK blog awards for best PR, Marketing and Comms blog means so much to me… Beyond words.

It’s amazing in fact.

Therefore, I just wanted to say a big… No, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the awards. If it wasn’t for the people who read my blog and support me every day, I almost certainly wouldn’t bother. So for that, endless gratitude is in order.

Thank you.

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