Cadburys egg hunting 2019

Creative campaigns #5 – Cadbury’s hunting season is ON

Cadbury’s hunting season is, once again, well and truly underway. But this time it’s bigger and better.

Scrap the searching through the egg basket in your local Tesco, cause’ this year you’ll be able to find them not only there, but also on billboards, in magazines, on TV and MORE.

This campaign has been unfortunate in its years. Last years came under fire from cynics who were disappointed to find shoppers (rather unhygienically) were opening numerous eggs in store in a bid to find a prize. Not to mention this year they ended up releasing news of their first campaign on the same day that Greggs launched its vegan sausage roll. But in truth, I still believe this campaign – which is the brainchild of global chocolate producer, Cadbury’s alongside Elvis, Golin & Mondolez – is a great one.

Styled in a ‘Willy Wonka-esque’ challenge to find an obscure product to win a prize, it’s a really good idea that deserves better luck and praise than what it’s had in recent times.

I kinda wanna find one on solely the basis that they look delicious if nothing else. 

And what’s even better about this year’s campaigns, and what trumps last years by a mile is not only the raised cash prize as an incentive (after many eggs were supposedly left unclaimed last year) but also the EXTRA (was this a good time to use an ‘eggs-tra’ pun?) ‘egg hunt’ that Cadbury’s have decided to deploy.

Cadbury’s: Taking it above & beyond

Deciding that a physical search for the elusive white creme egg was not enough for them, Cadbury’s went the extra mile this year and introduced a digital element to the mix. They recently announced (with more details to follow shortly) that this year they’d be hiding their renowned creme eggs in the advertisements of OTHER brands.


On top of everything, Cadbury’s branding is bang on too.


Consumers can get clues from and And eagle-eyed viewers who upload photos of the sightings can win prizes that include 30,000 milk chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs, 1,000 rare white eggs and a cool £10,000.

Speaking of the campaign, Aislinn Campbell, brand manager at Mondelez (who’ve partnered with Cadbury’s along with Elvis and Golin to pull together this project), said: “Last year’s debut of the White Cadbury Creme Egg exceeded all expectations in terms of media and social conversation, so this year we wanted to take it to a whole new level with an Easter Egg Hunt like no other.”

“We’re excited to announce the return of the coveted White Cadbury Creme Egg and our brand new campaign, where we’ll get the whole nation hunting for the gooey goodies that we’ve hidden in the places you’d least expect to find them – other brands’ ads.”


Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.31.59.png
Nothing like a countdown to kickstart the popularity of a campaign. The pre-sell-in is spot on with this one. 


Despite the obvious pitfalls of the campaign last year, which saw many taking things too far by opening up all available eggs to check if a white version was lurking, raising multiple hygiene concerns, it was still commended as the Best Integrated Marketing Campaign at the 2018 Campaign Event Awards. And rightly so too. I love the interactive element of this PR stunt and I’m always a sucker for something truly creative. Which, by the way, Cadbury’s have hit the mark for in BOTH aspects.

Winning favours with the press this year, who last year turned on the brand following the aforementioned concerns, Cadbury’s fresh-faced integrated marketing campaign has already been readily covered in all top-level publications. And as this campaign isn’t even underway yet, so I’m sure we can expect the brand mentions to soar through the roof in the next few days too. (Even more so now the Greggs vegan sausage roll hype has died down a little).

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.47.13.png
Being all over the press is never a bad thing, right?

So, what makes this campaign great?

There’s a number of contributing factors that have equalled this campaign’s success, and I’d like to talk about them.

  • Prolific pre-campaign sell-in – I’m a sucker for a brand that knows how to generate a stir around their PR efforts before the ball is even truly rolling, and Cadbury’s have that nailed. Sharing information about their impending campaign with all but 4 days to go has received plenty of attention, enough to build excitement for the ‘hunt’ before it’s even really underway. Nice.
  • It’s the perfect blend of old and new – honing in on the traditional ‘easter egg hunt’ with a modern twist, what I love about this campaign is that it has all of the old-fashioned elements, but also brings the whole affair up to speed with its digital element too. Not only this, but I really appreciate that, revelling in their successes from last year, Cadbury’s have taken the same campaign and recycled it – or rather upcycled it by making sure the same ‘white egg hunting stunt’ that we know and love is still present, but with an added extra too.
  • Perfect seasonal timing – knowing their brand and their audience, Easter is now pretty much Cadburys’ holiday. Chocolate sales soar over this period and the company are certainly aware of this. Really nailing the Easter season with specialist hampers and egg hunts galore – this is an example of a business who knows their market like the back of their hand, and therefore their campaign successes come effortlessly to them too.
  • Above all, it’s CREATIVE – and last but not least, if nothing else this marketing effort is undeniably creative and unique. Which are largely the winning features that a campaign needs to have if it’s going to be successful. I just love the idea and the backstory behind this stunt, and I for one think it’s near faultless this year. You should never stray away from innovative flare, Cadbury’s certainly haven’t and their enjoyed success proves it.

Is it just me who’s fully ready to take part in the hunt this year?

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