5 ways to be generous, even when you can’t afford to be

As a student (or anybody really) you’re often under immense pressures to ‘do good’. And, speaking from personal experience, if moving away from home to a new city, the homelessness crisis may come of a shock to you in particular. The guilt you feel when somebody approaches you for money but you don’t want to offer it because, a) you don’t have it, or b) you’re a bit scared to, can be consuming.

So, I wanted to write about how I found ways to still be generous, even as a student. And, spoiler, none of them involve throwing cash here there and everywhere (as you and I both know that’s simply not attainable). Whether you’re in education or not, if you feel like spreading a little kindness via other means than hard donations, take a read of my article which is published over on Opinion Panel.

And (shameless self-promotion) the most viewed article of the month always wins a prize, so I’d really love it if you could take a few minutes to read through what I’ve written.

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