How to be organised in PR

How to stay on top of your time in PR – trust me, it can be done!

…Sounds impossible right? Public Relations is inundated with a variety of different tasks. In fact, more often than not I’m rarely doing the same thing twice. But when you’re super organised (like me), it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of it all, and PR can fast become a perfectionists worst nightmare.

Is it ever possible to be organised in PR?

Working in public relations is a climb, and if you’re in the race, you’ll already know that the work isn’t always as beautifully glam as shown on movies and TV shows. There is a lot of running around and liaising with teams, writing, monitoring and emails – the list goes on. Add all of this together and pump it into long hours, and the work of a PR professional can feel like it doesn’t end – even when you leave the office.

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As a PR pro, you have to be as informed as possible about current events and with all the responsibilities that come with the job, it’s absolutely imperative that you are as productive as possible. Boosting the way that you work to be more efficient and productive can only serve you well, and it’s lucky for you that there are tools of the trade out there that can make life easier. When you are working in a team, you’re often scattered across multiple clients at once, so it’s nice to know you can all still work together.

Here are my three top tips for remaining organised AND proficient (because, yes – it can be done!)

My top 3 tips for being an organised PR-pro

Stop sacrificing your time to admin

It’s an apparent statistics that PR people check their emails every five minutes on average; and if you’re anything like me – it’s more like every 5 seconds. So, to cut out some of that time, I’d recommend using an email management tool like Hiri – it can organize your emails based on the way you have to action them. This allows you to be able to prioritize your emails that need a quick reply, over those that don’t! (I feel like this one is great for PR people, but also the wider network of working professionals too. Journalists, how easy would it be to filter your inboxes – right?!)

Organize your documents (and your life)

Working in a team and doing so remotely too? Not the easiest of tasks, because trying to coordinate everyone to work on the same document isn’t easy. Therefore, I love that collaborative software for documents has become a thing. Being able to work in real time on a project with other members of my team really came in handy while I was working remotely over the summer. Tools like are great, as you can unify your brand across all documents and presentations whether in the office or not. This kind of organization is important, and you can share templates throughout the whole company, meaning every PR professional is on the same page.

Block out all distractions

How often are you working on one thing in PR, only to be prompted with something else and before you know it all of your time has been delegated here there and everywhere – and not all of it usefully…

You’re on your smartphone a lot as a PR pro, and you need to know how to balance your time so that you’re not constantly checking for updates on social media for anything other than work. I’m always on twitter tracking #journorequests and sometimes outreaching to bloggers, it’s part of what I do. However, succumbing to online temptation is natural, and it’s a killer for your productivity. There’s a tool called StayFocusd, which can plug into Google Chrome and limit the time that you spend on certain websites. (And God only knows how much I love a good Google Chrom plug in – my work computer is full of em’). It can also block out other websites that could tempt you with their updates too. Just make sure you’re using it for the right thing and aren’t cutting out sites that could actually be of importance to you.

As a PR professional, you’re HAVE to find the time to get everything done to your deadlines and that’s that. No way around it. Make sure that you’ve utilised every tool in the book when it comes to your working day, and you won’t have any issues with keeping yourself and others on track.

Work hard, play hard and do it productively.

*This is a collaborative post, but all views and opinions are honest and my own*

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