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#InternationalMensDay – my top 5 PR inspirations

You may remember my post from last year, Women in PR – my top 5 inspirations, in line with #InternationalWomensDay. And, given today is #InternationalMensDay, I thought it only right that we ‘hear it for the boys’ too.

Now during my career, I’ve come across a lot of influential and downright amazing people in the industry. From being generally inspirational themselves, to the kindness they’ve displayed to me – there’s just so many people I could include on here. (And I also can’t wait for #InternationalWomensDay for this very reason, too). However to save myself from rambling, which I do far too often – I’ve decided to limit it down to just 5 PR ‘inspos’. And there’s a little mention at the end of some other guys that are incredibly important to me, and that I couldn’t go without including too.

But first, let’s talk about #InternationalMensDay

May I steal your attention for a moment…

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Thank you so very much. Now back to the blog…

#InternationalMensDay – why it’s important

For some reason, I feel as though there’s always a bit of bitterness in the air when a day like so is celebrated. Not from everyone, not even from the larger population, but from a small few.

That’s so wrong, however. Our guys should be celebrated just as much as our girls, and while we are all GirlBosses 😉 there’s also a lotta’ GuyBosses too. So let’s make sure this day is about equality, always equality. In the words of The Telegraph, though this day has been celebrated since 1991, it doesn’t receive much publicity compared to International Women’s Day. Which in part is why I wanted to write this blog post too.

There’s always a stigma around celebrating the male gender, I think. I’d say this largely dates back to Women’s fight for equality. However, we live in a generally accepting society nowadays. And while we’re not entirely there, and there are still concerns around level pay and rape blame culture (a can of worms I definitely don’t intend to open right now, as you’ll have me here all night), I do believe that Men are as entitled to their own celebratory day as much just as Women are. And if you don’t agree, perhaps you should read this article, again by the Telegraph (I promise they’ve not sponsored me!), and see why this day is “an annual rallying cry aiming to draw attention to some of the most important issues facing men in the 21st Century”. And should be seen as such.

While writing this, I found a tweet that sums it up pretty much perfectly…

But while it’s important to flag issues that challenge the world’s guys every day, I also believe this day should celebrate the important men in our life – and the people who inspire us every day. So, here’s my top 5 male inspirations in PR, and why they’re important.

My top 5 male PR inspirations

Conor McGrath

I know Conor only through blogging really, but he’s truly inspirational to me nevertheless. And that’s because of his initiative as a public relations lecturer really. I often speak with his students, who tell me that he encourages them to blog in their final year studies on the Ulster PR blog (which is great by the way, and you should definitely give it a read). Which I think is just absolutely brilliant – blogging has become invaluable to me, and I’m a big fan of anybody who encourages others to become involved in it.

And not only this, but Conor was one of the very first people to share my blogs and to support them, and he still does to this day. I can normally always expect a retweet of my latest blogs, and I’ve even heard on the grapevine that he’s shown my posts to some of his students in class in the past too. Students who’ve actually become very good connections to me, and whom I often talk with and connect with, within the blogosphere. Considering they’ve based a whole boat/plane journey away from me – I really do feel very close with some of these girls, and that’s thanks in no small part to Conor and his constant encouragement for his pupils to network.

Conor, you’re a credit to your students and therefore are definitely one of my top 5 male inspirations. I think PR lecturers everywhere can learn a great deal from you.

Rich Leigh

One of the most innovative guys in the PR-sphere, Rich definitely warrants a place on this list if for nothing else than his pro-activeness as a PR agency owner. You may have heard of the iconic 4-day week, which is just a dream for most. Well, Rich makes it a reality, and he makes it work too, which I think is the most impressive thing.

Alongside being the superstar founder of Radioactive PR, Rich is always open to offer me advice and support in the PR industry. And is a big sharer of my blogs too, which I always appreciate. We met through Ella’s #PowerAndInfluence chats – and I’m very grateful for it, as he’s become a huge inspiration of mine.

Keith Thompson

Keith was one of my lecturers while I was a student at university, but he really did go above and beyond that. Always on hand to answer any questions, and to settle any anxieties I had (of which there were a lot), I couldn’t not mention him here.

If not for his interactive lectures, and for always going the extra mile to help his class succeed, then also for the fact that during our final year of university he also helped produce a (really great) short film on Wilfred Owen, The Burying Party – alongside lecturing and mentoring a bunch of stressed out final years. Ever keen for us to have purposeful and valuable assignments, Keith actually let us be a part of his venture. We helped to think of PR campaigns for the film, and was even a part of the social media management.

For always being trusting, helpful and kind. Keith is definitely one of my top 5 PR inspirations who truly helped me get to where I am today; should I ever go into lecturing – I could only wish to be as great as him.

Richard Bailey

The man who brought together the PR blogging community would of course warrant a mention in this blog. Richard, who is the founder of PR Place, is the reason this blog still exists. His ‘best PR student blogs’ of the week often kept me going in times of uncertainty, and not only this, but I’ve also met some fantastic people through something as simple as a hashtag and a weekly roundup too – all at the hands of Richard. Oh, and it’s PR Place’s 1st Birthday today too – which is a double whammy as to why you should check it out.

Always supportive of my blog, and also on hand to offer advice and support where it’s due, Richard has undeniably helped shape this blog to be as successful as it is. And for that, alongside being the unite-r of the PR blogging-sphere, he will always be an inspiration of mine.

PR bloggers, if you’ve not heard of Richard and PR Place yet, you’ll want to. Have a read of my interview with him here, and then get blogging using the hashtags to open doors to an ever-welcoming family where we know nothing but support.

Marcel Klebba

I mentioned that community that Richard built, right? Well that’s how I met Marcel; whom I now see as a friend in this industry as opposed to just another blogger.

Well-deserved winner of best PR student blogger last year, and Vuelio’s top PR blogger 2018 – Marcel is the pinnacle of who I’d like to be as a blogger. He writes great posts, is super friendly and is a pleasure to know, and above all, is a PR whizz. I could think of no better person to fill my last space here, and it seemed only right to make my last inspo a PR blogger too – my favourite kind 😉.

And a little mention to the #1 guys in my life too

Though this post is tailored around my PR inspirations, I couldn’t write an #InternationalMensDay post without mentioning the top guys in my life too.

To my Dad, who taught me to believe in myself, to always strive to achieve better and most importantly, how to be funny. My Mum always says that I’ve grown up to be just like you, and that makes me so very proud. I’d not be half, even a quarter of the woman I am today if you wasn’t there with me every step of the way…

To my boyfriend, who taught me that to the world you might be one person, but to one person you can be the world. You’ve shown me a love I didn’t know existed, and you’re one of my most favourite people in the world…

To my little brother, you might be on the receiving end of pretty much all my digs and sarcastic comments, but I love you to bits and I know you’re going to grow up to make me so proud…

To my granddad, who taught me kindness, and friendship. You were my best-est pal in the whole wide world, and I miss you every single day…

And to my friends, who taught me to think more of myself than what I did, who’ve always been there whenever I’ve needed them – day and night, and who’ve raised me to be the person I am today… I’ve never had a lot of girl mates (bar my lovely best friends) and I’ve always been okay with that. Because when you’re surrounded by lad mates, you’re actually surrounded by so much more than that. You have a bunch of brothers who’ll you’ll often be subject to a whole lot of blunt banter from, but who’ll always be there to love and support you too. And what’s truly great is I know you’ll be reading this, as you’ve always supported my writing and that means more to me than you could every know…

(But yeah, sorry, there’s so many of you to add a photo of 😂)

Happy International Men’s day everybody!

And while you’re here, please subscribe to my blog by heading back to my homepage and entering your email on the right-hand side of the page.

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  1. Breaking news…. You may have succeeded in extracting a tear or two from your father. These reports are as yet unsubstantiated and should not be relied upon. Joking aside, you make me proud every day.

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