21 year old who doesn't drink?! - PR & lifestyle blog

I’m a 21-year-old who doesn’t drink, so what?

Okay so disclaimer, I do drink really. I enjoy a night out as much as the next person and cocktails when I’m in the mood for them are always great. However, I think what makes me different (and probably a bit weirder) than all my friends and other people my age, is that I just don’t enjoy it that much.

May I steal your attention for a moment…

I’ve been nominated for a UK Blog Award for best PR blogger, and would love it if you could vote for me (that is if you like my blog and think I’m worthy of course!). Here’s how if you’d like to.

  • Click here.
  • Click on the categories (Public Relations, Marketing and Communications is mine) and view the entries.
  • To find my website, click on the globe.
  • To see my entry information, click on the “i”.
  • And to vote for my entry (please please please), click on the red heart. 
  • OR, you could go straight to my entry page here.
  • The link is a little iffy at the moment, so if it doesn’t work for you please give me a heads up.

Thank you so very much. Now back to the blog…

In light of the recent findings that younger people don’t drink as much anymore, I was approached by a Journalist from The Independent who asked if I’d like to write about it (after telling her that I’m not all that in to drinking).

Of course, I said yes. So to find why I just don’t like drinking as much as the next person – click here and read away.


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