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How I’d play it if I was on The Apprentice

The Apprentice starts on the 3rd October and, though I’ve not typically religiously watched it in the past, I’m excited to delve into it. This year I’m devoted to watching it every night as I feel like I can learn a lot from it, oh and not to mention it’s right up my street.

It’s not even aired on our screens yet – (#6Days2Go), but this popular TV show has kicked off a conversation already. Already people are weighing up competitors and totally getting into the spirit of things. Innocent, i’m referring to you again.

Anyway, to kick-start my inevitable impending obsession, I started doing a bit of social-stalking myself on the competitors this year. And that’s when I noticed these people (bear in mind I’ve never watched this show before – so give me a break if this is obvious), for the most part, just have standard jobs. They’re not world-famous CEOs nor billionaires, they’re just people with a good brain for business. This is what got me thinking about this blog post.

How would I play it if I (humble old me) was on the apprentice?

I’d be a people person

First off, one of the biggest things I picked up on from whispers on social media last year regarding The Apprentice, is that being a bitch gets you nowhere. Therefore, being likeable and friendly is one of the first things I’d focus on in my (imaginary) Apprentice personality. Because at the end of the day, no matter what industry you’re in, connections are everything and networking is key.

It’s often said that ‘it’s who you know not what you know’, and while I’m not sure I always strictly agree with this, I do believe that it pays to know a bunch of great people. This is why I’d make sure I’d take the time to get the know the other candidates, and though from what I can gather they are your competition, they can help you out too I’m sure. (Let’s start embracing those ‘helping hand’ vibes that we see in the GBBO tent so often).

John and Geri – demonstrating that kindness is the way forward. #Goals.

Not only this, but if you work in PR already, you’ll know that being a good communicator is everything.

Whether it be to your clients or to an audience, making sure that you’re saying things in the right way is absolutely fundamental. (Remember that everything you do and say is PR). Therefore it pays to be both a good listener and a good talker; someone whos empathetic, engaging and even persuasive when they need to be too. This is the personality I inhabit every single day in my job, and therefore is the personality I’d follow through with on The Apprentice too.

I’d be a listener

As mentioned above, talking a lot is fine, but there’s seldom any point if you’re a poor listener. Nobody wants to work with somebody who won’t hear anybody else out and places their own views on a pedestal with little regard for anything else.

It’s all about striking that right balance, knowing to input, but not to overcrowd. From what I’ve gathered, The Apprentice is all about creative campaigns (hello, why have I never watched this before?!), and in order to make a truly memorable campaign, it has to be a team effort.

We were literally saying this very thing in the Tecmark boardroom today…

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team.”

Therefore, like I actually do in my job every day, I’d be just as much of a listener as I am a talker. It’s not just yourself with all the good ideas (*jaw drops to the floor* really?!), other people are often brimming with them too – and in order to truly succeed, you’re going to want a mix of them all.

I’d be creative

OK, i’m 2 personalities down, how many more can I brew up?

Well, perhaps my most treasured trait is my creativity – so I’d definitely hone in on that too. I’m not often a big gloater, but if there’s ever one thing I’ll give myself, it’s that I can certainly think of a few creative ideas and I do have a big of an imagination in me.

I think that mainly stems from my blog, which urges me to come up with new unique ideas for content all the while. This is also thanks in no small part to my job too of course. The PR industry is literally a haven for the best creative talents in the country, and though I’m far off that kind of ranking yet, being in an environment like this sure does challenge me to be an innovative thinker.

I take it The Apprentice is all about running with campaigns that work, right? Well from my knowledge (and probably the knowledge of most PR people), the best campaigns usually are very creative.

They have the edge that sets them apart from what everyone else is doing in their market. Take for example the ‘Highlight the Remarkable’ stunt by Stablio, or ‘Greggs Goes Gourmet for Valentines Day’, they’re not the biggest nor the most groundbreaking campaigns the world has ever seen, but they’re certainly some of the most memorable.

My creativity flairs up at some of the weirdest times (in the shower is a classic), so in The Apprentice house i’d always ensure that I had my notes app to hand for any micro-moments of genius.

I’d be an underdog

And lastly…

It’s usually the arguably outspoken and overly confident people that are on the track to win right? Well, this isn’t the approach I’d typically take. So would that make me an underdog if I won? (Yeah OK i’ve truly let my imagination run riot now). But I suppose so.

If there’s one downside of being an introvert in PR, it’s feeling undermined by the people who – often not intentionally – overpower you. Not so much in my job now, as we all work as equals, but back in my school days more so there was always that one person who tried to take control. And it was never me. I was often the person who remained quiet in the background, but who actually made the whole thing work and who had the great ideas – but was too shy to voice them. (Look, I’m a bit more confident now – I’d never have said this kind of thing at the time).

But who’s to say I couldn’t change that. And who’s to say that the underdog can’t win?

I’d love to see something like that happen this year, for a contestant who isn’t typically the loudest in the room, but is perhaps the most creative, or friendly, or understanding, to win. I know for sure that if I actually was on The Apprentice, if I ever advanced far in the show it would be because of one of those reasons and not because I’m super confident or a natural born leader. I believe in equal and shared responsibility in a team, so that’s how I’d play it.

Hired or fired? I’m going to go with fired (😣), but this is how i’d play it nevertheless.

What would your Apprentice personality be? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How I’d play it if I was on The Apprentice”

  1. Jessica – I like this post. However, nice people like you would never get picked to be on The Apprentice. A friend of mine went to an audition day many years ago and said candidates were being picked on basis of being rather delusional about their capabilities or general nuttiness!

    Anyway, the one thing that has always struck me as the secret to success is that you have to win tasks. Instead teams seem to fight among themselves, ignore or challenge the Project Manager or otherwise sabotage the chance of the team staying out of the Boardroom. But referring to point 1 above – it isn’t surprising given that candidates are narcissistic or otherwise flawed characters 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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