Job opening: PR person needed to save Roxanne Pallett

Disclaimer: there isn’t an actual job opening to save Roxanne Pallet’s reputation. That was simply me, trying to be clever. Sorry if you came here seeking a PR job.

Is there a PR in the country, no, the world who can save Roxanne Pallett? I’m not sure.

Roxanne pallet pr public relations reputation

After hearing the cringe-worthy statement this morning from ‘Roxy’ that: ‘she couldn’t remember how the events played out, that she may have overreacted and that she needed to re-watch the footage with friends and family to remind her that she was in the wrong’ all that I could think was, “so that’s the angle they’re going with, huh?” Pretty poor public relations if I do say so myself. And, though the best practice in a situation like this is to hold your hands up and accept blame, the whole flimsy argument that she ‘forgot what happened’ has probably just tarnished her reputation even more.

If you’ve not been sucked in to #CBB this year like me, then you might be wondering what on earth i’m talking about. (Though you’d have done good to miss all this #CBBRoxy and #CBBRyan talk in the press and on social media).

Basically, the whole sh*tstorm erupted a few days ago when former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Roxanne Pallett decided – hours after a play fight with fellow contestant, Ryan Thomas – that he’d intentionally punched and hurt her. Which, of course caused quite an ordeal in the house. She even went so far as to sleep in a separate room to the others as she ‘feared Ryan’ and his capabilities. Of course, as rightly put by the producers of the show, if this had have been true then Ryan would have certainly been removed immediately. Which he wasn’t. So in more ‘political’ terms, they basically outed Roxanne’s allegations as complete rubbish. She since left the house after realising that all of the other contestants and the public were against here (i’m yet to find someone to support her actually) and deleted all of her social media. This was a good move from her and she probably should have left it there. But of course she didn’t.

It’s now been announced that she’s going to appear on Big Brother again for her ‘exit-interview’ (which actually just means she’s putting herself through more humiliation in order to secure her alleged £750,000 fee). Now I suppose this can be looked at from two ways. The confident PR person who likes a challenge may be rubbing their hands together and seeing a great opportunity for her to redeem herself and win back the public affections. But me – who has been watching her behaviour for the past few days – well, my head is in my hands as I think ‘surely not’? Just lie low and let it die in this situation. 

In a way I think it is good of her to talk about her ridiculous allegations – hopefully she’ll be able to clear Ryan’s name and give this poor lad a break. But in the same breath, it’s very clear that this is just another attempt at publicity for the washed up star. Not to mention a bid to secure her extraordinary fee.

And as for the story that her and her agents have decided to run with this morning… That she was ‘confused in the house and thought the incident was a lot worse than it actually was’? Well that’s just absurd. I don’t know who decided to give that the go ahead but to me, all that this approach has done is just make her look ditsy. Not to mention that it’s placed emphasis on the fact that Ryan’s career could have been destroyed on the basis of an ‘over-exaggeration’ that became an allegation.

We knew this already of course, but to come out and say it publicity in a air-brained manner? Terrible, terrible angle.

To me, there’s no PR that could fix the nonsensical situation that she has allowed to play out. Abuse allegations should be taken so so seriously and all Roxanne Pallett has done is undermine years of hard work towards getting victims to speak up.

What do you think? Do you find this whole situation as bizarre as me? Or is all publicity good publicity? Let me know in the comments below.

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