Why is ‘Me-Time’ Important?

If your life runs on a jam-packed schedule (like mine often does), it can be hard to find the time to indulge in a little TLC. Trust me, I know how that feels right now. However, as i’m faced with increasingly bad skin and temperamental mood swings i’m beginning to realise just how important it is to take a little self care time every now and again.

PR is a hectic job and things can often get on top of you. Meeting deadlines and juggling numerous tasks can sometimes all get a bit much. You think a uni dissertation is a lot? I write well over 10,000 words every single day i’m at work! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the industry in which I have made my bed. However, sometimes it does take its toll just a little.

Ever since graduating from uni, the time I thought would be stress-free and breezy has actually been brimming with countless things to do. Amid working and writing, i’ve also been away a fair bit, have juggled catch-ups with ‘to-do’s’ and honestly – have kinda’ tired myself out. I’ve always been a big fan of a busy lifestyle, I can’t stand sitting around and doing nothing. I’m starting to realise as the years go on however that this lifestyle just isn’t attainable nor realistic 24/7. If you work around the clock then sooner or later, you’re going to burn yourself out.

So, it was not too long ago that I realised I really ought to dedicate a little more time to ‘me’. It was when my skin started getting bad that this really hit home. I’ve always had good skin so these impromptu break-outs were clear indicators that i’d been working myself far too hard. I needed to treat myself to a little indulgence.

Now, I make sure at least one night a week (or maybe two) is dedicated to me catching an early night, often accompanied with a face mask and a movie – this is my ‘me-time’. Honestly, i’ve seen such a difference since I started embracing that attitude. My skin has almost cleared and I always feel a lot more productive. I can fill my days in the way that I am used to, without the added guilt or the internal anxiety that i’m overworking myself.

If you’re a culprit of working around the clock then take it from me, it’s really no good for you. I mean, by all means fill your days and challenge yourself, but you also need to take some time away from that too. Indulge in a night where your phone is set to silent and your laptop is buried away. Your mental health will thank you for it and i’m sure your body will too.

Answering the question: why is self care so important?

There’s a lot of reasons why it’s important to take a step back from your busy schedule every once in a while. Self care isn’t just important, it’s actually crucial.

Studies have shown that self care is necessary in order to be more productive. So, if you want to push yourself to work harder then you actually may need to take a step back in order to move forward. I’ll always be an advocate for self care from now on for 3 main reasons.

  • It prevents an ‘overload burnout’ which is effectively where you push yourself to the point that you can’t take anymore and just give up. Be it working, blogging or life in general – we’ve all been there (to the burnout stage). Take care of yourself to make sure it never happens again.
  • It reduces stress, or rather the negative effects of stress. Some stress is a good thing, it can serve a purpose. Putting yourself under copious amounts however, is no good for you nor your mental health. Taking a ‘time-out’ to take care of number one helps keep the bad stress at bay and helps you to only concern yourself with what matters.
  • It helps you to refocus. The advice “walk away and come back to it later” is placed on a pedestal when we’re talking about self care. Studies have actually proven that taking breaks and time to look after yourself helps the product solving and productivity part of your brain refresh (and work harder thereafter).

Self care, all in all, is good for your mental health and your physical health alike. Both your mind and body need to take regular breaks to re-energise. Help them along the way by tending to yourself every now and again.

My chill night this week is actually no other than tonight. I’m going to scour Netflix for movies later but for now I decided to delve in to what I love the most: writing. But, that’s not only what i’m doing. Alongside blogging i’ve also been getting in to my favourite skin care routine.

Now, I’m not a big fan of beauty nor skincare – I don’t have an intricate routine that I follow biblically. I have a few products that I swear by and stick to. I try new things from time to time (as you’ll find out shortly) but most of the time, i’m cemented in my ways. I’m not a beauty blogger and I don’t care to be. I’m not talented enough at the art of makeup or skincare to proclaim myself to be one – I admire those who can beauty blog (really, it’s an incredible talent that you lot have); but it’s just not for me.

This post is about taking care of yourself, so I wanted to share with you just how I do that.

Self care 101: my guide to ‘me-time’

How someone likes to wind down is bespoke to them. For me, as I mentioned above, I like to focus on 3 main things:

  • An early night
  • A skin care routine with a bit more than my daily-do
  • Watching a movie, reading or writing

Early nights for me are a lot more common than they used to be (i’m facing up to the fact that i’m no longer a student and running off 3 hours sleep just isn’t an option for me anymore). Being an early bird I really appreciate a few extra hours in bed so I do always try to sleep at a reasonable time. However, on a self care night like tonight I take that the extra mile. A hearty, uninterrupted sleep is good for the mind, body and soul. Don’t just take my word for it either. It’s proven that 7-8 hours of kip helps you live longer, lose weight, improve your immune system and energise you. (I’ll take a bucket load of that, please).

After setting myself up for a quiet night, I then like to move beyond my standard skincare routine. I usually use Soap & Glory’s Vitamin C face wash as it has a gentle exfoliation properties and ticks all the boxes. It’s a 3-1 which is ideal for a busy girl like myself. Tonight, however, I decided to use a Montagne Jeunesse scrub followed by my new holy grail product.

My best friend recently got me something for my birthday that i’ve only been raving on about for a good year or so now: the Sand & Sky clay mask. I’ve wanted it for so so so long but it’s quite far out of my budget compared to what i’d usually spend on a face mask. However, having used it only twice now I can tell you that it’s well worth the hype. Even after the first time I used it, I noticed that my pores were visibly smaller, my blackheads were cleared and my skin was glowing. I’ve literally no idea how a 10-minute mask can do all that but i’m not going to question its wizardry, i’d rather just enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Here’s my go-to scrub followed by the mask of my d r e a m s. 

(Just for reference, this is not a promotional post. It’s simply me sharing my favourite ways to chill out, and bigging up the best skin care product to ever grace this earth ha-ha.)

I’m going to make sure I end my night with a movie. I rarely get time to sit down and watch one now that my life is so go-go-go. But, like I keep reinstating this in this post it’s so important to put the brakes on every now and again and take some chill out time.

However you chose to take the time to relax doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you do it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender you are or what you do – self care and self love is so important so always ensure that you’re getting it.

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