Who Needs Social Media, eh?

So you’ve probably heard about Wetherspoons and their oh-so-bold move of deleting all social media this week. The popular pub chain resides in my heart, I mean, i’ll always have a soft spot for Spoons and I personally can completely back their decision to ‘ghost’ all forms of social media.

Wetherspoons dropped the ‘bombshell’ literally out of nowhere and the business world is shook. Many are in disagreement as to whether this is a clever statement, or a completely ridiculous move.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 17.18.06.png

Over 900 social accounts will be terminated as a result of Wetherspoons boycotting the SM and I seriously can’t make my mind up as to whether this is a bold, or stupid move (or both?)

Why it might be a good idea…

Social media, don’t get me wrong is a failsafe tool for brand promotion, but when your brand is already on top its game, do you really need it?

Wetherspoons targets a wide range of audiences, but I question as to whether social media is needed to reach any of them. For most of the older generation, Twitter is often nothing of importance to them, and it would not affect them in slightest whether Spoons has any social accounts or not.

giphy (5).gif

In fact, i’m pretty sure this stands for the majority of their TM (target market). I’ve never heard of anybody entering a Spoons as the result of a tweet or status they put out. I mean, I could be wrong and it could have happened…. But I doubt it is a regular occurrence anyway.

Social media is primarily for growing your brand, but i’d say Wetherspoons’ priorities do not lie within their growth. The brand already must turn over hundreds and thousands a year, I don’t think i’ve ever walked in to a Spoons which was quiet on a Friday night.

So, perhaps it was wise to bid social media buh-bye. I doubt they’ll lose any revenue over this, and I certainly don’t doubt that they’ve instead saved a buck or two from the move.

…And why it might be a bad one

Buutttt…. The other, PR side of me is more like “isn’t this a huge step backwards? Digital is the future.”

I mean, it’s all good and well revelling in your successes in present time, we’re humans and we do that. However, it also would be foolish to solely focus on what’s happening now and not pay any due care and attention what’s going to happen in the foreseeable future.

Whilst this generation may need not social media to encourage them to visit, the next generation might. It’s important to focus on your PR with the future in mind, not just the situation right now. I mean, on the other hand, this social media purge has become PR in itself for the brand, it’s been covered in most national newspapers and publications. However this won’t last forever and one may wonder whether boycotting SM may come back to bite them in the long run.

5 thoughts on “Who Needs Social Media, eh?”

  1. Like you said, if most of their target market is an older age group that doesn’t use twitter or their other social pages, the pages didn’t really have much use for them. I don’t think it’s going to hurt their business, but at the same time, they could have had the pages up, and not use them often? I don’t know I’m a little undecided in wondering whether it was a good idea or not. Great post Jessica! I haven’t heard of them til now, so it was definitely interesting to read up on this xxx

    Melina |


    1. I’m really tied with it all! Like I think for now their SM probs isn’t benefitting them, but in the future maybe they’ll regret it? IKD. & oh my gosh have you not heard of Wetherspoons before?! Xxx

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