Three Cheers for Three Years

The saying ‘time flies’ couldn’t ring more true when it comes to my university experience. I literally blinked and it was over. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I heard that from a family member or an older friend I had to force myself not to eye roll, yet here I am three years down the line saying the exact same thing. Albeit I have one exam left, but my time at uni has pretty much come to an end. Lectures are no more and assignments are done and dusted.

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So, what now? Well as I mentioned I do have one exam left, and my job of course but I think the next few weeks are going to be spent mainly reflecting and then looking forward into the next journey of my life.

For me, I find it easier to reflect through my writing or more so, through my blog. So, for anybody who’s interested here’s a short look at the last 3 years for me and what I’ve managed to achieve.

First year

For me, first year was all it was supposed to be. Your uni grade doesn’t count as long as you pass (and I probably shouldn’t be saying that, but it doesn’t). So the pressure is off a little. It’s more about finding yourself, settling in with your course and the area around you and most importantly having fun. Even with one too many nights out, I still managed to get a very high 2.1 (brushing a first, but let’s not talk about that 🙄) and enjoy myself simultaneously. I think it’s still important to push yourself in first year as if you spend the whole year effectively ‘dossing’ then second year is going to come as a big surprise to you. Basically, try hard but don’t get so hung up on your work that your social life and self care starts to suffer as a result.

Okay, so apparently I was rarely seen without a drink in hand during first year but…. that’s what first year is for.

Fear not, I’m getting to the academic bit. Not only did I find friends for life in 2015, but I also found myself. When I first started university I was a shy, introverted and definitely (or so I thought) on the wrong course. Public Relations is all about being confident and creative and I was seriously lacking the confidence. In fact, in my first assignment which was a spoken word assessment I walked out crying and wondering how I’d ever survive the next three years. Luckily, with a lot of practice and a lot of looking after, I really found myself in first year and more importantly, found my voice. I learned my strengths and weaknesses and honed in on them. In no time at all I’d pulled my grades right up and fell in love with the subject of PR.

Second year

Okay, second year was when I came back in the September and meant business. I threw myself in to work pretty early on, aiming for a first this year. Don’t get me wrong, there were a fair few nights along the way, but this year was more to me about really showing the university what I could do.

It’s never too late to be who you could have been.

I began performing really well in all of my assignments and had learned how to write them to a high standard, most were coming back as graded firsts which was a real confidence boost for me to keep on going.

Then came one of the most creative challenges I’d been met with to date: graduate enterprise. One of our second year modules (and undoubtably my favourite) was one in which we had to create and market our own business. You put as much into it as you want out of it, but me and my group went above and beyond, it was a time where I could really let my creative flares run wild. We created a ‘cookbook’ called the Student Scran, designed and produced by yours truly (the graphics were left solely to me and I’m really proud to call it my own). We went far with our project, winning 2 awards for it and going on to compete at the regional finals in Chester. This was a time where I really found my confidence and began to believe in my own abilities, I mean we’d done so well with it, it was hard not to.

I came out of second year with a first, I’d worked hard for it and the said hard work had paid off tremendously. Come the end of second year, I was really inspired to go on and smash third and final year.

Second year was also the year that I started blogging and fell in love with it all. Of course, I’ve made it no secret that I had a few failed attempts at it before being where I am today. I started with a music blog which pretty much crashed and burned within a few months of starting it up, then ran this blog as a sole lifestyle blog for a while which wasn’t working for me either to be completely honest. Finally, I dropped all the expectations of what a blog is supposed to be and just began writing about things I enjoy and what interests me and I have to say, I’m doing alright.

But, in fear of this post beginning to sound slightly like a CV; let’s not forget that second year was also one of the best years of my life for all the good times that came with it. Amongst many (many) nights out I also met some of my best friends in second year.

And of course, my lovely boyfriend.

Third year

What even happened to this year? I wish I could tell you. I blinked and it passed me by. It feels like only yesterday I was moving in my stuff, and now I have to think about moving it back out. Don’t get me wrong, this has been the year in which I have achieved the most, and the year in which I have the most to be proud about. I just can’t believe how fast it’s passed me by.

After a successful second year, I once again threw myself in to my studies from the get-go but also started focusing on my future at the same time. I completed a number of internships over the summer and in to the Autumn and then went and secured myself a part time intern job in digital PR in which I am still working now. This year was also particularly special for me because I ditched my shoddy part time job that to put it frank, was wearing me thin. My company was the epitome of a bad employer and was the type of place that inspires me to work so hard that I’ll never end up in that kind of job again. Being able to replace such a dire job and instead work within the career I want to go in to was a dream for me and a real highlight of this year. I love my job and never want to leave this industry, you learn a lot at university but you learn so much more when you actually work within PR and I’ll forever be grateful to my internship for teaching me that.

Though I’ve had no grades back as of yet, I’ve worked really hard and I’ve done my best. So I’m hoping that’ll do me some favours when it comes to graduation, but for now I’m just grateful for everything that university has taught me and the opportunities that have come off the back of it.

So, what’s next?

I think the biggest challenge lies ahead, to find myself a career. I’m actively looking around for a PR position around the North West as Liverpool is the city I’ve fell in love with and I never want to leave it.

I don’t know where I’m headed, but I do know I’m on my way.

I also have a 2 week summer school in China to look forward to shortly after my final exam, so I’m not waving goodbye to education just yet.

But for now, like I said, I think it’s time to just sit back and revel in it all. My time at uni is over and it has undoubtably been the best three years of my life, I can only hope that the future is just as spectacular.

Cheers Liverpool, you’ve been a blast.

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