How to Grow Your Blogging Outreach

I had a slow yet steady start on my blog but finally after a year I feel like I’m really getting there. Blogging isn’t easy and the more you want out of it (e.g. sponsors), the harder you’ll have to work to get there. There will be times where you’ll think what’s the point but you’ll always get through that and find yourself and your style – then you can expect the breakthrough shortly after.

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Here’s a few tips from me to either get yourself started, or to grow your outreach even more (because you can never have too many views).

Spend time and your blog (and your socials)

With blogging, you get out what you put in so if you want to make it work you’ll need to invest a lot of time in your blog.

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For me, the best place to start was by working on my theme and polishing off the design of my page, after that I was more inspired to push out content and really try and make it work – and the results soon made themselves known!

I’d also suggest investing time in your socials, Twitter and Instagram are the best for blogging outreach. I try and push my content around every evening, you only need to spend around 20 minutes on it each night and it really does pay off. Connecting with fellow and similar bloggers seemed to do the trick for me, not only do I always have fresh things to read from them, but they also follow my blog as well – everybody wins!

Here’s another tip: use blogging outreach hashtags to grow your views even more, I use ones relevant to my theme (#prbloggers and #prstudent) but I also know there’s a few popular accounts that will retweet any kind of content and really help you expand your views e.g. #bloggerstribe and #girlbloggers.

Connect with Likeminded People

If you tailor your content towards your interests then you’ll never be stuck with things to write. However, if you’re not following and connecting with people with likeminded interests then chances are, they’re not going to be reading through your blog.

If you can follow blogs similar to yours, and connect with likeminded people on social media then they’re more likely to visit your blog, like the content and become an invested viewer.

Not only that, but I found that after I’d formed a relationship with some very influential people – they would share my posts and I would get loads of views on that back of that. It pays to connect!

I mentioned Instagram and Twitter earlier as the two best platforms for blogging growth, but also one worth considering if you are a business/PR orientated account then LinkedIn is also a brilliant platform for connecting, read my tips for acing LinkedIn here.

Post on the Regular

The best thing I did with my blog was to make sure I was always posting and putting fresh things out. You can write a really good post but ultimately, before long it’ll get lost in the midst of other posts. Posting on the regular will ensure you’re name is always out there and that you’re always on top of the game. Here’s a couple of tips from me on how to make sure you always post on the regular:

  • Blog from your phone when you’re bored. When I have a dull train journey all i’ll always write a few posts on my phone, it’s really easy and you can always save them as drafts and wait til you’re on a desktop to publish them if you’re a little worried about posting directly from your phone.
  • Queue posts when you’re having a writing spree. Sometimes you’re not always in the mood to write and that’s okay, it doesn’t mean you have to go AWOL for months. When you’re having a productive day of writing then why not write a few posts and queue them, I always make sure I have at least one a week queued.
  • Write ideas down when you’re feeling creative. Writers block is all to real and can mean that you can have very long times without posting if you run out of creativity. The way I overcome this is by writing down loads of ideas on the notes on my phone when i’m feeling creative, then I always have fresh titles to pick from!

Scratch Their Back and They’ll Scratch Yours

With reference to the mentioning of social media above and connecting with the right people; it’s also a good idea to take it one step further – especially with bloggers.

I’m getting in touch with more and more people by the day and I find that the more I help them out and connect with them, the more they’ll help me out by linking and sharing my content.

Bloggers are fab for helping one and other out and a lot of bloggers will follow and comment back, it’s always best to try and make the most of this if you are looking to improve your outreach – plus you can get to know some really great people.

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