The Rise of YouTube – When did Vloggers Become so Important?

YouTube has been around since 2005 and was typically famed for music videos – yet fast forward 13 years and it’s actually one of the most popular and influential platforms across the whole social web.

Vloggers have been around for years but have only recently come to prevalence in the past few. They now have the volume to turn over thousands and the most popular amongst them such as Zoella practise YouTube as a full time job, have product lines off the back of it and have turned what more than likely started off as a hobby in to a profitable profession.

But how exactly did all of this come about?

It works like clockwork really, the more popular a vlogger gets, the more likely they are to…

  1. Get paid for their content
  2. Be asked to produced sponsored posts

And the more of this content they put out, the more views and subs they are likely to get on the back of this and on the wheel turns…

But, from a PR point of view, why do we place so much importance on Vloggers?

Because, they’re appreciated by the general public and what they put out is watched by many and shared around even more so.

So, if you can get an influential blogger to create a sponsored post featuring one of your clients’ products (and recommend them) then viewers will be more inclined to go out and buy said product, if their idols have them – they want them and it works like that. YouTube has gone from a video sharing social site to a huge player in the influencer game and I would even argue it’s pretty much the top social media platform for influencers from a PR standpoint.

YouTube is a site that people will naturally gravitate to, it’s easy watching and addictive and thus poses the perfect opportunity to grasp PR content.

Not only this, but it’s a game where everyone wins – vloggers not only get paid for doing what they love, but also have the ability to be incredibly influential to their viewers and supporters. PRs and their clients get to work with (more often than not) really down to earth and easy-to-liaise-with people who are always happy to work with you and promote your products or services. The aforementioned wheel keeps turning and some great PR is outputted as a result, it’s a no brainer.

We can only expect YouTube to rise as a platform, it’s content ever gets more and more sophisticated and consequently its viewers keep growing. The younger generation seem to have taken an interest even more so and thus as they grow older, we can only expect them to hold on to this.

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