Breaking in as a New Blogger

I was approached by a lovely fellow blogger a while ago asking for advice on how to make it in the blogosphere and how to grow your audience. Though I’ve already written a post on how to grow your blogging outreach, I thought I’d tailor a post specifically to new bloggers and how to make sure that you don’t fall under the radar.

Make connections

First things first, (after the technicalities of setting up your blog and its theme etc.) you’re going to want to get yourself out there. I personally have found that Twitter was the best way to connect with likeminded bloggers who will support you if you support them. It’s all about sharing the love!

Though the blogging community as a whole are generally lovely and forever engaging, it is best to connect with those who own similar blogs to you as you’ll be able to relate with their content more directly.

Speaking on behalf of a PR account, LinkedIn was also a great tool for me in growing my audience, as my posts are typically tailored to the kind of content that goes out on LinkedIn. I gained a lot of followers from the platform, it worked for me. However, depending on your niche, it may not be the right platform for you. I have also heard many bloggers appraise Instagram, though it isn’t something I particularly work on it may pose yet another way to grow your audiences.

Basically, the more connections you can make and the more promo you can put out on social media – the better.

Find your niche

Something I talk a lot about is finding your niche. I’ve ran many tried, tested (and failed) attempts of blogs over the years and I actually only found my niche around 6 months ago. Though lifestyle writing is arguably the easiest kind of blog to run, it can also be hard to think up original content ideas.

Imagine someone asked you to name 5 books in 10 seconds; you may struggle initially as there’s so many options to chose from. That’s kind of how it works with blogging, so finding a niche topic area to write about is something I’d always recommend.But how do you find your niche? Well, what is it you like writing about it? Is it what you study, your hobbies or do you simply like to talk about your experiences? If you write about what you’re interested in you’ll never run out of things to say (so you can wave goodbye to writers block, too).

Post on the regular

One sure fire way to grow your audience and to make it as a new blogger is to post regularly. When I started out I was getting as little as 2 views per post, but I didn’t let it put me off.

Blog popularity is not something that happens overnight and I was all too aware of this; hard work brings good results so make sure you are putting the effort in to your posts (and the benefits should shortly follow).

For me, I like to write at least 2 posts a week – but find what works for you. If you’re struggling to find the time, why not find a method of blogging that works for you. It sure doesn’t have to be sitting at your laptop every morning writing a post for that day. For me, I write blog posts when I have a free afternoon and queue them. I also write them on the train to work. There is no one set-in-stone rule on how to blog so make sure you work exactly how you like to work (that way, you’re always putting your best front forward).

Do your research

Before you start blogging, it’s always best to actually read and get to know some blogs beforehand.

Though everybody’s writing style is different, you can still get a general feel of the tone of blogs and work out how you may want to write yours.

Also, there are a few blogging magazines around that are a sure-fire way of gathering some inspo as a new blogger. Blogosphere is probably the most popular, you may want to get your hands on a few issues of it before getting started yourself.

Most importantly, keep going

Speak to any blogger and they’ll tell you they wanted to give up at one point or another.

Writing block happens to the best of us, sometimes you’re sure to feel like you have nothing to say and wonder ‘what is the point?’ The most important thing to remember is that it’s completely normal to feel this way and if blogging is something you want to do, then you should always keep going.

Take a break and a breather if needs be and come back when you have some more content ideas. There’s no one true cure for writers block but I’m going to guess that coming back to your blog after clearing your head is much better than trying to chip away at it with a muddled mind.

Blogging isn’t always easy, and you have to be prepared to work at it if you want to thrive. That being said, there’s so many amongst us who love to blog and thoroughly enjoy the benefits that having a blog brings, so if you think it is for you – make sure you keep at it.

Like I said, hard work brings the best results and this couldn’t ring truer when it comes to writing a blog.

3 thoughts on “Breaking in as a New Blogger”

  1. Yes yes yes! Twitter is where I actually found most bloggers I would consider friends. From there, I’ve gotten to know them through their blogs. The blogger chats is a great way to find people you click with. As an actual blogger, consistency is key. Great post Jessica 🙂 xx

    Melina |


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