Why Bad Employee Relations are Bad for your PR

Both Wagamamas and TGI Fridays have come under fire recently for not paying their staff the minimum wage and of course, it hit the news.

It was recognised in the press that:

Wagamama has repaid an average of £50 to 2,630 employees. TGI Friday’s had to repay £25 each to 2,300 staff.

Plus, this isn’t the first time that Wagamamas was slated in the press for failing to uphold good staff relations. They were outed on social media for banning sick days with a very threatening notice to staff, one they shortly apologised for after coming under fire in the news.


These reoccurring events have raised the question for me: what can bad employee relations do to your PR? Being outed by angry employees does you no favours as a business on social media, but when such scandals blow up in the press – organisations can find themselves in real troubled waters.

It is commonly known that nowadays, as a company you need to be ethical if you want to land yourself a good reputation. That involves being a good employer too. Organisations such as Google, Facebook and Apple are clear leaders in the way of treating employees with respect and this works well for them in not only heightening their reputations, but also in encouraging wider talents towards their employee pool.

If you’re outed as a bad employer, not only does this reduce your desirability to potential future employees, but also seriously damages your company ethics. Lets face it, who wants to interact with a company who bans their own staff from ringing in sick?

I myself worked for a company for almost 4 years which was the epitome of a bad employer and it certainly put a few things in to perspective when I moved on and in to a job which treats me with respect. I can say from first hand experience that when your staff to management relations aren’t the best, your level of productivity follows suit. I’m a hardworking person yet in that role I had an ultimate lack of morale and thus my productivity was flawed (on the basis that I just really didn’t want to be there). Basically, your staff will do you no favours if you treat them poorly, so employers should make sure that this is never the case before it hurts them in more ways than one.

So, not only do these bad relations seriously damage your organisational PR, but they also have the potential to damage your business routines, staff productivity and turnover too.

All in all, treating your employees poorly is a 100% no-go in todays world, and to do so can be seriously damaging to your business image (plus, it makes you a bit of an arse). In short, avoid it at all costs.

Employees are the backbone of many organisations and without them, the business would cease to exist – simple as; therefore no matter what the job, situation or sector – always treat your staffbase with respect. Wagamamas and TGI Fridays… Take note.

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