Lacoste Just Dropped a Groundbreaking Campaign

Something that caught my eye this evening was the movements of famed polo brand Lacoste and their bold new resigns of the renowned white polo under their ‘Save the Species’ campaign’.

Their new, limited edition designs will replace the iconic crocodile with an endangered species and will only sell as many polos as there are left of these heavily close to exist animals.

As far as PR campaigns goes, this near enough tips the scales.

Wildlife conservation is something not so often talked about; yet begs attention. So many animals are on the brink of extinction and so little of us know about it, Lacoste using their status and brand to exploit these issues is a bold yet admirable move from the company.

The unique campaign is certain to catch like wildfire, and I don’t doubt that the L.E shirts will be sold out within the next few days. In total, Lacoste has produced some 1775 polo shirts for its promotion and promises to confine the promotion to this small figure.

Ethical campaigns are huge for companies from a PR point of view, and with the ever ongoing criticisms of clothing brands not being morally nor ethically conscious enough, Lacoste has set a stellar example.

Having an ethical reputation can benefit a company in many ways:

  1. It sets a standard amongst competitors
  2. You can’t go far wrong with doing good for the environment
  3. Your brand becomes more attractive to those who may have opposed it before
  4. You reach a wider audience who uphold strong ethical beliefs
  5. You can collaborate with powerful campaign groups and charities
  6. And most importantly, you earn a boosted ethical conscious and can be proud of your organisation for doing something good and giving back to the planet

The T-Shirts are on sale to buy on a first come first serve basis here.

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