Some Changes in my Blog

You may have noticed that I have changed my content recently and have been posting from more of a PR point of view. This is because, to put it simply, after blogging for around a year now – i’ve finally found my niche and of course it is writing in relation to the career i’ll hopefully soon be entering in to.


I am still classifying myself as a PR and lifestyle blogger – as I still post the occasional lifestyle post from time to time, as well as link my published articles from Global Seven News. Prominently however, i’ll be posting PR related content as this has been working really well for me in recent months and it’s what I love writing about.

Site name

Another big change for me is that tonight, I finally became self hosted! I’ve changed my URL from thoughtsfromjessie.wordpress.com to thoughtsofjessica.com and will now be blogging from that name – still the same theme for now though! (Switching up my site personalisation is next on the list…)

Posting patterns

I’ve been posting a lot more since finding my niche, and hopefully this will continue to grow – I am in the habit of writing and queuing blog posts on my trains to and from work on a Friday, so you can always expect weekly content from me at least.

I’m working hard to get my blog out there, and it’s going well so far – i’ve been featured a fair few times at PR Place for best student bloggers and hopefully will continue to do so as ultimately, i’m writing to be heard and i’m headed in the right direction.

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