LadBible – a Stellar Example of Business Growth Done Right

It started as a Facebook page and now turns over £££s, has its own ‘headquarters’ in Manchester and employs 120 staff members in just 5 years of operation – so, just how did LadBible go from Facebook commonplace to a highly profitable business? They are the perfect example of how to home in on your target market and use it to grow your business and this is how (I think) they did it:

Know your audience

They target their content at their audience and don’t try to sugar coat it nor generalise it, LadBible started on Facebook and was highly commended prominently by teenagers. Of course, having a social following of 16.1 million on Facebook alone, LadBible now have a greater audience, yet their content still remains fresh, funny and lighthearted and plays exactly in to the needs of their engagers.

Focus on your socials

Of course this is a given for LadBible, but their social media tactics are examplar to other similar light-news based platforms. The huge expansion of the business in just five years on the back of social media activity is foolproof and an organisation could not go far wrong from following in their footsteps.

Be mindful of your collaborative content

Is it clear when a LadBible post is actually a PR piece – I would say no. The subtle yet clever integration of PR content within LadBible’s array of articles means that what they produce is still engaging and in the interest of the reader, yet is still making them money and benefitting both the client and themselves – clever.

Always grasp opportunities to change and upgrade

They started with writing funny posts and now report the news, both serious and lighthearted – and it works. The lesson? Always be willing to change your business to adapt to your audience needs, and then watch your platform grow.

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