Can Nike Expect a Backfire From it’s Latest Product?

Nike are infamous for its past of exploiting young labour through the use of sweatshops for their products – and that label does not go away overnight. Even now many have cut ties to the brand and would boycott them – so is their latest release expected to rattle a few feathers? I would certainly think so.

Nike’s latest: the ‘Equality’ Air Force 1 screamed hypocrisy from the get go. It didn’t take long for them to endure a backlash on social media, many branding them as disrespectful and shameful. I can’t argue with them, this is a bold move from Nike, but one could also say incredibly foolish. The idea itself can be respected, but is this acceptable from a company who literally advocated slave labour? – I think not.

The release date pages have already gone offline – leaving one to wonder whether these shoes will even make it past release at all? Nike would do well to quit before they start and salvage the little reputation they have left. It must have taken copious efforts to bring back the brand since they were thrown in to the limelight admist their exploitation scandal – but said efforts may all go to waste if this product oversees the backlash I anticipate.

To me, this is nothing more than an insult to the famed Luther King Jnr. And Nike should certainly think before they release such a product in to the population. Mistakes may not be so forgiven this time.

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