Victoria Secret in Huge Decline – But Why?

Admittedly, I myself, an only-just post-teen had not heard of  Victoria Secret until a few years ago, but since then I admired their growing popularity – especially amongst the younger age groups. However these past few months all I’ve noticed are criticisms of the brand: where are the ‘realistic’ models? Where are the products that cater for varying body shapes and where are the audience-friendly prices? Consequently, reports have summised that VS sales declined more than ever last year, and if something doesn’t change it can be presumed that things are only to get worse for this brand. On the surface, it may very well be because they have stopped selling swimwear and have limited their apparel line  however upon further investigation it has been uncovered that VS problems seem to lie much deeper than this.

Having a keen PR eye, I am always subjectable to noticing brand-movements in the news, and always embody my own personal thoughts and opinions as to how said brands can move with the times and better themselves and their image. VS did not escape my notice and resultably I have put together a few recommendations this brand could heel to keep up with modern day times and to keep their profits afloat.

Model images are changing – it’s time to keep up.

Market leaders ‘Dove’ were always good for using ‘real’ women to portray their products, and successful it has been. The past year has seen many more brands following suit and encompassing their brands with a wide range of models – those of different body sizes and shapes – to set more realistic standards for women and young girls who engage with the said brands. This has been a huge step in the right direction in the ongoing fight to banish negative body shaming and setting unrealistic standards, it is only right now for VS to follow in these footsteps and advocate the same kind of image. It is a crucial PR tactic to know the position of your brand in ever-changing times, and to be able to make positive groundbreaking movements that will consequently return positive engagements to the brand. Victoria Secret’s PR team ought to take note of this.

Know your audience and be flexible with them.

Another crucial PR and marketing skill is to be able to recognize your target audience and consequently market your products towards them. It has been noted that VS are setting their price margins far too high for those that they interest – perhaps it is time for a reshuffle of the brand; or at least time for the brand to see an introduction towards a more affordable range. Nowadays, change moves mountains and this is the kind of activity that would do well in promoting Victoria Secret in the positive light it needs.

Switch up your style.

Something i’ve noticed admist Social Media is that many are not happy with the style of Victoria Secret’s products and have thus chosen to go elsewhere – to shop at the brand again they would like to see ranges of lingerie that caters for varying shapes and sizes. It would seem that the old-routine-style use of models would too extend to the design of their products. If VS wants to thrive in the modern world, it really ought to keep up with it.

Common themes highlight that, to put it frankly, Victoria Secret is behind it’s time. It’s living in a world that people would have been comfortable with 5/10 years ago – but not anymore. Their PR team should now take the decline on board and think about reshuffling the brand if they are ever to survive in their everchanging market.

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