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Vlogger Logan Paul Demonstrates How Not To Act Online

So, what seems like a while ago now, I made a post on Hetty Douglas – who became infamous overnight for slamming a couple of working class men on her snapchat with derogatory comments. The hateful outburst blew up in all the wrong ways and Douglas was criticised by the masses on social media. To me she was a prime exemplar of how not to articulate yourself and your social presence. Her work was criticised and she lost thousands of followers in no time at all, and it was, at the time a prime example of how not to behave. But did people learn? It would seem not.

Somebody that thankfully, I myself had never heard of before a few days ago was American vlogger Logan Paul. Now all you have to do is look at this guys channel to see that he’s a bit of a common fool but pretty harmless. That was until a few days ago, where he thought it acceptable to head in to the infamous Japanese Suicide Forrest and record him and his team finding a body. At this point you’d think to turn the camera off and delete the footage surely, what Logan did however was in fact the opposite and was therefore irreparably damaging to his whole career and even his life.

The Youtuber edited and uploaded the video with little remorse – he is even caught sniggering in the clip, which unsurprisingly was met with a huge backlash. Logan bit back and claimed he uploaded the video to raise awareness of suicide but the Social Media frenzy was not convinced.

But what kind of implications will this bring to his career? Social Media is now an incredibly powerful asset in all of our lives, for better or for worse and this kind of thing doesn’t disappear overnight. It is crucially important to upkeep a polished online presence as nowadays, the way you socially interact has the power to define you as a person. Not only can you face immediate hate online from posting something you shouldn’t have – but this can also be brought back on you any time you act online and can even hinder chances of getting jobs.

Logan seems to have – finally – done what any sane human would do at this point and disappeared for a little while. Much to the relief of the many he has angered. He has uploaded an apology video – but has Social Media been forgiving? Absolutely not. Many are glad to see him go and would not welcome his return – meaning that frankly, his YouTube career is caput and it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to post again without people remembering what he did.

Logan Paul is a stellar example of how not to behave online – and highlights just what can happen to you when people pick up on your blunders. Let him be a reminder of how not to articulate yourself both on and off the web, as this kind of backlash has the capability to hang around for a lifetime.

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