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YSL Make a Massive Marketing Slip-Up

They may be one of the most renowned luxury brands around these days, but YSL may have just made a major *pardon* cock-up.

More diverse makeup tones are hot off the press recently (finally) with Fenty Beauty setting the standards,

And many others following suit…

It would seem that YSL have made a slapdash attempt to keep up with new developments, yet their latest product release promotion may have just shot themselves in the foot instead.

The image-based promo features 3 arms of different ethnicities, swatched with the latest product. However, not only does this example show how none of their concelars seem to match any of the 3 models skin tones, but it also highlights the shade (or lack of) range which has left many shook.

The ‘darkest’ of shades is clearly nowhere near a match for the model used, and the limitations of just 6 ranges is a poor attempt admist recent efforts from other beauty leaders.

But will this slip up see an impactful damage towards the YSL brand? It is all too known how unforgiving such mistakes can be for organisation reputations, therefore it is crucial that YSL apologise and work towards reprimanding this mistake (yes, in my humble opinion it is a mistake). If they refuse to accept culpability then this could be ultimately harmful to the brand and those who advocate diversity in makeup may strive for further action.

Only time will tell but for the meantime, if you are a brand this is the perfect exemplar of how not to do business – better luck next time YSL!

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