TV Series I Watched Last Year – & Ones I’d Reccomend

Last year was my year for getting way too involved in TV series (probably at the time that I shouldn’t have really amidst a ton of uni work) but nevertheless, I did. I’ve rounded up my favourites below – some obvious and some not so obvious. I’ve also dropped in some ones that I tried and failed to complete

End of the F***ing World

This is one I found by accident when heading back to the Inbetweeners for the 3702498 time on all 4, however i’m really glad I did! The episodes are short so they’re easy to binge, i’m pretty certain I finished the whole series in just over a day. There’s only one series available but it ended on a cliff-hanger with lots of opportunity for a second series so fingers crossed! I wont give too much away as it’s one of those where you can’t say much without revealing the whole plot, so give it a watch and find out for yourself!


Stranger Things

I was so slow to jump on this trend but I’m so glad I did. Being on Netflix, I literally binged this so fast but it was one of those I couldn’t stop watching! The series plunges you in to the supernatural world, whilst still being somewhat relateable. I’m pretty sure I was one of the only people not to have seen this series, but if you’re one of the minute few too – i’d definitely recommend it, it’s well worth the hype! There’s around 8 episodes in each series so it’s totally doable, every episode makes you want to watch more!



Me and my friends binged this last year, it was on ITV for a fair few weeks and one of those you have to stick with. Every episode revealed a new plot twist and every time you think you’re ahead of the game, it knocks you 5 steps back. The series targets some serious issues such as rape and gives you such an insight to common misconceptions and perversions of justice – it’s very informative yet very gripping at the same time. Now it’s finished, you’ll certainly be able to binge it through the ITV player and get ready for series 2! (Which thankfully has been confirmed)


Black Mirror

This is one that was recommended to me, and I’m glad I took it up! The episodes aren’t interlinked so you can watch them alongside any series really, yet they’re still pretty gripping so you may very well want to watch them all ASAP. They’re all based on projections of what a future world may look like, filled with plot twists from every angle and tense story lines from the get-go, this was a series i’d happily watch over and over again. I love something that makes me think and this definitely did the job – all three seasons are available on Netflix so they’re easy to get hold of!


13 Reasons Why

Another one where I joined the hype, I was a sceptic at first to this show but ended up getting drawn in. I watched them all pretty fast as it was one of those shows where you kinda don’t wanna keep watching, but you kinda do. The series revelled in dark themes and serious issues which are important to tackle in this day and age. The show was targeted at the very age of the students it is based on, so it does the job in delivering some key messages, whilst also being very gripping at the same time. *Be aware some have found this series very triggering so read up on it first and perhaps stay away from it if you feel it may be damaging to you.* The first series is up on Netflix and the shows producers have promised a second series soon – i’m very excited to see where they will go with it next!


And here’s a couple of the ones I never got to finish…

Prison Break

It was so gripping from the start and had so much potential, however I fully slumped during season 3. The storyline got too long and too complex and simply too hard to follow – I’ve been told to stick with it, however it just wasn’t for me. Sorry!


Peaky Blinders

This is one I’m annoyed about not finishing but somehow never find the time. The series was ultimately gripping for the 2 series I watched, but Netflix haven’t added the third season. I never find the time to watch things on my laptop so I just haven’t gone about it yet, and now I’m another series behind! This is a series i’d recommend still, however be warned if you only ever use Netflix to stream your shows – don’t get too hooked!


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