How to Deal With Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is, well to me, undoubtedly one of the best times of the year. The build up lasts for months – which may seem OTT for a one-day celebration. Nevertheless for the most of us, this holiday is an excuse to spend times with family, spoil and be spoilt and most importantly, enjoy cheat days to your hearts content and enjoy some time away from work/uni.
However for one day that’s often passed by in a whirlwind, it can be followed up with some pretty blue days. The hype soon dies down, presents are put away, feasts are all but a distant memory and it’s back to reality for most. However the days after Christmas and before New Year don’t have to be so grim – there are plenty of ways to avoid the slump, and I’ve listed some of them below.

1. Treat yourself!

Okay so you’ve probably been spoilt a little rotten over Christmas, as well as treated your loved ones too. However, did you ever stop to treat yourself? Christmas can often be stressful up to the day itself, so why not take the few days after to grab some TLC. Read a book, take a bath, listen to some of your favourite albums on loop – some alone relaxation time is always a good idea.

2. Sale shopping

Boxing day and thereafter means boxing day sales, and if you have Christmas money to spend now is the time! Retail therapy is the best therapy so you may as well snap it up.

3. Pig out

Simply because, why not? Who said that you can only cheat your diet on Christmas day? If you’re suffering from the Christmas blues… cook yourself up another roast dinner or another festive dish. And, if you’re not sure how to cook any of these – now’s the time to learn! Cooking can be really fun and interesting – plus you get to enjoy it after, what more could you want!

4. Start a book or TV series

If you suffer from serious S.A.D, or just cant bump yourself out of slump then why not distract yourself by getting in to a new book, or TV series. I’ll be posting soon about the best TV series I watched in 2017, if you’re looking for inspo – head over to that post! Books are also a great way of keeping yourself busy – I’ve managed to lose myself one too many times in a good book and finish it before the days done. You might find one you really fall in love with!

5. Meet up with friends or family

If you’re home for Christmas from uni, or enjoying time off work then why not make the most of it by meeting up with friends and family? It may be the only chance the two of you can meet up for a while so take advantage of that. Go for a drink, for food, for a walk… anything! You need not restrict Christmas Day as an excuse to see your friends and family, why not extend the meet-ups for the whole period!

6. Be creative

Why not take up a new hobby such as painting, drawing or something more strenuous such as swimming or running? There’s endless possibilities of activities you can take up to keep your mind busy, and who knows? You may find that you have real talent. I love painting in my spare time, although not really good at it – I find it often keeps me really happy and relaxes me a lot!

7. Look forward to things to come

New Year is just round the corner – or why not think even bigger? What have you got to look forward to? Even if it may not be for a while, thinking about good things to come can surely take your mind of how you may be feeling at present. Countdown apps are the best for getting you excited about something – its often a lot closer than you think!

8. Take advantage of the season

Think about September time, most people really look forward to the festive period. Warm clothes, fires, hot chocolates and (hopefully) snow are all things that are rife this season and are enjoyed by many. Why not meet up with some friends – or go by yourself – and grab a hot drink? It’ll be summer before you know it and you may very well want this weather back.
However you chose to deal with it, the Christmas period (not just Christmas day) is one of the best times of the year in my opinion; and moods need not drop after the 25th! Enjoy Christmas for as long as you see fit because it’ll be gone before you know it!

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