Final Year and What I’ve Learned so Far

So i’m one term away from completing third year, currently enjoying Christmas break and thinking about the future, so I thought what better a time than to review my time so far!

You’ll always find your feet

Being at uni has changed me as a person much more than I ever could have imagined, I thought i’d remain introverted my whole life, and this was just something i’d learned to accept. However three years of independent living has aided my growth as a person more than id have ever thought; after an awash of presentations, meeting new people and on-the-spot situations -I’ve found copious amounts of confidence in myself and finally learned to find my voice, even in a crowded room. I always knew that being in PR, I was going to be in situations where I needed to have confidence, however these need not be a burden anymore with my new found extroverted personality – and I couldn’t be happier about it all! Third year has faced me with more challenges than my predecesing two years, however I have been forced to figure out a way to facilitate for uni work, jobs, friends and general life. There’s always a way!

Yes, it does get harder

They’re not so much scare stories, much more actual truth – third year does get harder, but what did you expect? One thing i’d advise anyone going in to third year this September is keep ahead of the game – you might think you have enough time but I promise you, there’ll never be enough.

Work experience is always a good idea

If you have time, getting work experience – whatever your course may be – is always a good idea. It looks great on your CV and gives you a boost into your career, it’s always an advantage to know what you’re doing before you even start. I found an array of different work experiences by E-Mailing around and by trawling LinkedIn – all of which have been really beneficial to me. Learning theory is great but putting it in to practise makes it all worthwhile – I’ve learned a lot from my internships, stuff that uni alone never could have taught me.

Find the time to for me-time

In a whirlwind of deadlines and responsibilities, it may be hard to grasp a moment to yourself. Self care is essential however, and in third year more than ever. When you’re stressed there’s no better cure than a night away from the computer and a night spent with friends, or binging TV. Also, don’t neglect going out every once in a while – it is your final year as a student after all!

Take advantage of opportunities

It’s your last year of uni and maybe your last year in a different city, so always take advantage of whatever you can. Say yes to that day trip, that meal our or that get together with friends. Explore new parts of the city in your spare time. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to. Being a student is one of the most independent times of your life so don’t be afraid to revel in that before it’s over. I want to tick some things off my bucket list before the end of the semester – and i’m well on my way to getting there.


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