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The Top Show-Stopper Campaigns of 2017

So as the year comes to it’s end I thought i’d do a round up of some of the best campaigns 2017 has brought us. After highlighting a few notable marketing mess-ups of the year in an earlier post, I thought it only fair to acknowledge those that contrast them. This post is going to bring you some of the truly spectacular efforts that I’ve noted this year.

Give Blood NHS

Always one of my favourite social media accounts, the genuis’ behind the Give Blood NHS Twitter page always catch my eye with their witticisms and creative ways in which they raise awareness for the need for donors. Although they often make their way in to the Twitter Trending page with their clever replies and humorous posts – one of the best of their efforts this year was definitely the ‘need for black donors’ campaign. Give Blood NHS and their renowned marketing/PR team put together a fool proof thread of facts as to why they need black donors, responding to the racism backlash they received after the first few tweets of their plea went out. The thread was witty and full of comedy, it also integrated some gifs which are very popular with Twitter users at present. In my opinion, Give Blood NHS have fully utilised Social Media and made Twitter their own – their Comms team really do deserve a pat on the back!

Give Blood NHS


Okay, so it’s more of a marketing campaign than a PR one, but I loved what ‘IT”s marketing team were up to in the run up to the premier of the remake of the Stephen King classic. To raise up hype for the film – red balloons started popping up in theatres and their vicinities nationwide, generating a lot of social media attention. Sometimes, marketing campaigns need not cost a fortune, they just need a creative mind behind them. Erecting balloons in cinemas wouldn’t have broke the bank, but it sure raised interest for the film ahead of its release. Well done to ‘IT”s marketing team – your creativity is top!

IT marketing

CALM & Topshop, f.t Chris Hughes

If you are a keen Twitter user like I am, then you may have noticed the tweets that went out a few months ago from Love Island star Chris Hughes and Tosphop, claiming that they were soon to be launching an exclusive range of bottled water, infused with a tear of the famed Gloucestershire star. ‘There’s no way he can be serious” contended the Twitter population; turns out – he wasn’t. It surfaced just one day later on Mental Health Awareness day that the whole stunt, named ‘leau de Chris’ was actually Ludacris and the whole thing was actually about raising awareness for men’s mental health. The campaign, renamed ‘Don’t Bottle Up’ gained immense Twitter coverage and plenty of press coverage thereafter. CALM and Topshop set out to raise awareness, and raise awareness they did. Their efforts were beyond genuis and I can only applaud them for executing such a clever campaign.

Chris Hughes

Burger King

And last but not least, I couldn’t have wrote this post without mentioning the impeccable efforts of Burger King and their anti-bullying campaign. If you’ve never seen the obvious connection between a child and a Whopper Jnr. then Burger King are here to help you see the light (?). Their efforts were pulled together with, a non-profit organisation here to target bullying and the stigma attached to it that silence is complicity. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here. The campaign brings us humour, followed shortly thereafter with a heart wrenching moment. Accompanied by the oh-so important message that if you see something happening, to say something is always the right thing to do. The campaign carried such a powerful message, in such a creative way and has definitely been one of my favourites of the year – I won’t be forgetting it any time soon!

Burger King

What have been your favourite campaigns of the year? Let me know below!


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