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How To Become An ‘Influencer’

Having been at both ends of the spectrum – blogging and PR – for some time now I thought it only fair I share a bit of expertise with the wider blogging community. So listen up, new and upcoming bloggers, this one’s for you! I’ve compiled a few tips on how to boost your blogging status and secure some sponsored content opportunities. I’ve been working on the accounts for some clients at work recently and one of my prominent jobs is searching for relevant bloggers and instagrammers to allocate promoted content to – as I’ve progressed in the job I’ve gained a whole lotta insight on what gets you noticed – and of course what puts you off us.

1. Build your social following

It might sound obvious, like duh, but you’ll actually be surprised at how many amazing bloggers fall short of promoted opportunities because their social followings aren’t up to scratch. Obviously nobody can magic up 15k followers overnight but spending a little time refining and gaining your following is definitely worthwhile if you’re in blogging for the serious business. Instagram is the most prevalent platform that PR’s look for but do not neglect your other social platforms either – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest are the 4 golden accounts that all bloggers should have.

2.  Define yourself and your blog

Coming from the girl who blogs about anything it may sound ironic, however I’m not in blogging for the sponsors, i’m in it for the love of writing. If you want to start outputting promoted posts you need to decide what you’re all about – is it lifestyle, home, food, make-up, fashion, family…? There’s so many categories your blog can fall in to and by all means do not restrict your writing. However in terms of sponsored posts, you want to keep intricate. Nobody wants to see a blog which is full of promotional posts of anything and everything! Don’t be afraid to turn down one or two offers for the sake of your branding – having style and clarification is much more important than a few extra quid.

3. Use hashtags – but use them properly

If a PR knows what they are looking for, then they’re going to use hashtags to get there quickly and efficiently. Start with using hashtags which determine your location, so #UKBlogger is always a good place to start, then start refining your content by using descriptive tags such as #Lifestyle or #Family. By all means, use as many relevant hashtags as you want, but PR’s aren’t going to take a second look at you if you have #IrishBlogger #UKBlogger #AussieBlogger #ScottishBlogger #USABlogger all in one post. You’re fooling nobody and this is a sure fire way of getting yourself crossed off the ‘possibles’ list for any future relevant opportunities. For the record, this is an Instagram based tip, bit if you’re more all about your blog – then tags are another good way of getting around this.

4. Post regularly

Look! Another hypocritical post. Okay I know I’m a prime example of how not to post when it comes to timings, but as I said before I’m here purely for the love of writing and nothing else. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to show that you’re passionate about blogging and are full of creative ideas. I’d recommend posting at least once or twice a week. If you want a tip: schedule posts when you’re having a really productive day. If you’ve not got much on and fancy writing a bit then why not get a few posts written and scheduled, that way – you never leave gaps. Maybe i’ll start taking my own advice. 

5. Sign up for ambassador programmes

Before working in PR I really did wander how so many bloggers were getting so many promotional posts, now I know that its not just from PR’s coming to you – you need to get out and put your name out there to them. You can find a lot of ambassador programmes online which only require a very short application form. In terms of Instagram, if you have the right following and content, tagging @influenster is a great way of upping your chances of securing that promotional content.

Once you get your foot under the door, the offers are sure to come pouring in – so persevere, look after your content and get your name out there!

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