A Short Guide on How to Book the Best Budget Holiday

I’ve always been good at grabbing bargains, and there’s no reason why you cant be too! All it takes is a well-invested afternoon in to researching deals and a little bit of know-how. I traveled to Budapest this summer with friends for a short, but highly anticipated getaway for a few days; managing to include everything for just short of £200. I also have a short break planned to Italy with my boyfriend in October, a break we managed to get for less than £150, that’s including your flight, accommodation and even airport transfer – I don’t miss a trick!

So here are my quick and easy tips to grabbing a great late deal this Autumn

1. Flights.

Be smart, now is the time that popular airline companies host their ‘Winter Freeze’ sales where you can grab super cheap flights for the latter half of this year. We took advantage of RyanAir’s winter sale just short of a month ago, and managed to secure tickets to Verona, Italy for less than £25 each way! I noticed that some flights started from £10 to popular destinations – including warmer climates. Although RyanAir’s sales are over, don’t doubt that there are still many to come – expect the likes of EasyJet and Jet2 to release some budget flights there, keep an eye out for when that may be! Do be wary however, and always read the fine print; a lot of these deals do not include seats that are situated together or additional baggage. If you do opt for these options, keep an eye on how much the price creeps up and filter this in to your budget!

2. Transfer

Look about for your best  transfer deals as they differ from location to location. For Budapest we used a service called ‘MiniBud’ a shared minibus transfer service that cost us less than a tenner for a return travel ticket! You’d pay more than that for lunch! For Italy we’ve opted for a similar service under a name I cant remember, however we did fully exhaust all other methods in order to find the cheapest. Take advantage of public transport, far too often there are local trains and buses running to and from airports, or somewhere nearby – you’ll find that these are going to be ridiculously cheaper than the extortionate hire taxi prices you may be considering paying.

3. Accommodation

After taking advantage of AirBnB this summer, i’ll never go back. After 3 nights in Budapest in a dreamy accommodation for less than £25 for the length of the whole stay, there really is no alternative for me now when seeking accommodation whilst on holiday. After my initial, brilliant experience with the organisation, I have used AirBnB to accommodate me in Italy also, we found a quaint little apartment that has been fully let out to ourselves for the week – for less than £70! The independence from having a private apartment is one of those things you try and (in my case) love and would not have it any other way thereafter. I would definitely recommend going through AirBnB to anybody looking for a cheap place to stay! If you’re really adventurous, you may opt for a hostel. Although many scare stories circulate regarding the condition of some hostels; from what I’ve heard – some are actually quite the hidden gem! Complete with wifi and air-con for around £10 a night, hostels come highly recommended from a friend of mine travelling Europe currently, therefore it is only right I pass the recommendation on to you!

4. Spending money

Find the right place and it doesn’t have to be extortionate! Although tempting to visit the most popular tourist destinations, consider smaller places around as I have. Budapest was remarkably cheap and I have read that Verona is to be too. You can always locate yourself nearby to popular attractions but not in the central area (we are getting $4 trains to Lake Garda and Venice during our time in Italy.) If you take my earlier advice and go with an AirBnB apartment then if you act wisely you can seriously decrease your spending money needs by eating in for 2/3 meals a day instead of forking out for 3 meals a day out… you’ll save loads. Typically, the SPAR offer super cheap food in overseas countries and there’s always something for even the fussiest of eaters like me!


Love from Jessie x


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