Quick & Easy Pick-Me-Ups

Even the most easy-going of people have off days every now and again, that’s how you know you’re human. Off days don’t, however, have to last for long and they certainly don’t have to be as difficult as they may feel. There are many different ways to pick oneself up when not feeling 100%, and everyone has their own personal happiness inflicting pass-times. Below i’ve shared some off my favorites so next time you’re feeling under the weather or not your usual self, you may chose to try one of these pick-me-ups and see if they work for you!


Treating yourself to a bit of me time and a bit of a pamper is almost a guaranteed pick-me-up; and you don’t need to break the bank either. One of my favorite and most highly recommended facemasks is the charcoal purifying mask from Poundworld, it cleans out your pores and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and fully cleansed. Facemasks are also well accompanied with your daily skin-care routine, I guarantee you’ll feel fresher, and subsequently much better in no time at all!

Binging on your favorite foods. 

Yes i’m aware it’s bad for you, but there’s nothing wrong with treating oneself every now and again. I love cuddling up in bed with a good film and some guilt-free snacks as a bit of well-deserved therapy when the day has been beating down on me.

Long walks & good old fashioned fresh air!

Maybe not everybody’s preference, but once i’ve been on a long walk, had a deep think and thoroughly cleared my head I always find myself to feel much better. I love living in Liverpool because there’s so many places to visit, I particularly love walking down and sitting by the docks while I clear my head from whatever negativity I may be facing. Nice, sunny, days in particular are typically good for an instant feel-good, but cooler climates and a bit of rain are also good for cleansing the mind and soul.

Singing your heart out.

Wherever you may be, and whatever music you like. There’s nothing better than belting out your favorite songs, I can go from being in an awful mood to a brilliant one, just a few days deep. I love the sing-a-long playlists on Spotify, packed full of classics that always seem to work on me.

Those are the top (and the most exhausted) but I also have lots of little things I do sometimes to improve my mood, here are some more:

  • Clean my room and sort out my drawers/wardrobe
  • Wash all of my socks, pants and bras with lush smelling fabric softener and tumble-dry to perfection
  • Retail-therapy (a guilty pleasure that I always manage to justify)
  • Facetiming friends or family
  • (If you have one) spending time with a pet, or pets of course
  • To do lists, they’re my go to for de-stressing and de-cluttering my mind
  • Blogging! I love putting my thoughts in to words and find it a great way to clear my head

Basic, yet effective. Hopefully some of these pick-me-ups will serve you as well as they do me,

Love from Jessie x

4 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Pick-Me-Ups”

  1. Ooh! I’ve never tried Poundland face masks! I’m in love with The Body Shops’s ‘Himalayan Charcoal’ mask at the moment but I’m going to give that one a try. Loved this post, I always say that giving my room a proper clean makes my mood so good! Glad you mentioned it because now I don’t feel like a clean freak!!
    Eva x


    1. I love that face mask 😍 my friend has it I keep meaning to buy it myself! The Poundland face mask is such a handy little buy – it lasts for ages too! And haha yes, my favourite pass-time is cleaning out my drawers and organising them – makes for a much better sleep ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is amazing, lasts ages and only about £15? Not as cheap as your option though!! I’m definitely getting that, without a doubt. And thank god! I can’t sleep until my room is organised!!


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