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How I decorated my flat for £5

So uni season is fast approaching and whether you’re a prospective fresher or current student like me, you’ll be moving in to your new flat in the forthcoming weeks. However if like me, and you’ve spent the whole summer procrastinating whilst you should have been packing – then, (like me), you’ll be rushing around for these next few weeks desperately trying to find cute and quirky items to decorate your flat that also sit well with the all too tight student budget.

Well, student population. Look no further than Poundland! The popular discount shop has just landed a whole variety of affordable yet cute home items for just £1. I could have spent a whole load in there but, being a student I brought just the bare necessities to finish off furnishing my flat. I would suggest that anyone moving away in the upcoming weeks that are looking to add some cute finishing touches to their new home should  head down there and check out what they have! From one student to another!

Here’s a few things I brought:

Having already got most of the basic necessities I went in to town looking for something to add to the wall, something like a cute bunting or similar just to give my walls some character, having not being able to find anything like this in now here’s what I picked up instead:

Picture hanging set:

Photo 05-09-2017, 11 39 08 am

Bang on trend at the minute I thought this photo hanging kit was so cute and will make the perfect edition to my room, for £1 it includes the string, 6 pegs and 6 cute frames that you can customise to your hearts content!

Bath mat:

Photo 05-09-2017, 11 38 54 am

A slightly strange buy but something I’ve actually been looking for, for quite a while now. I’ve been looking for a bath mat for my en-suite that is small and cheap but until now have struggled to find something that fits this description. You could imagine my excitement finding this steal! (This is how I can tell I’m an adult now!)

Photo frames:

Photo 05-09-2017, 11 38 35 am

A uni student can never have enough photo frames to remind them of home! And these I found fit perfectly in to my room style, as well as being an absolute bargain for 2 for £1!

Door hangers:

Photo 05-09-2017, 11 39 17 am

You can never take enough coats and bags with you for uni, yet student rooms are often tight for space so every year I’ve taken one or two of these to hang up all my coats, bags and towels on the back of the door – the space you save is so handy when you’re trying to fit everything in to your new room but still keep it looking clean and tidy. I thought these door hangers from Poundland we’re so cute so I just had to treat myself to two more!

Decorative items:

Photo 05-09-2017, 11 38 14 am

Okay so these aren’t from Poundland they’re from B&M but I thought they deserved a mention! Ultimately cute and versatile, these quirky little glasses will look great as a nice finishing touch to my room, and at only a £1 each in the sale it was hard to say no!

So that’s all, as I say there was a lot of resisting against buying much more this morning; I would highly suggest if you’re after your last few bits and bobs for uni to definitely pop down to the aforementioned shops and grab yourselves a bargain!

Love from Jessie x

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