#MyPRJob – Inside The PR Intern Experience

So after a whirlwind 2 weeks, my first official in-office Internship has (unfortunately) come to an end! I lacked the advice as to whether a PR Internship would be worth it, so (luckily) I went for it anyway – but I can tell you that some info on whether to take up an Internship, what kind to go for and what to expect would not have gone a miss! On this thought, what better an opportunity for one of my first blog posts!

After being told during my second year that I would immensely struggle in third year, never graduate with a first and never get a post-grad job unless I took a year placement (scare stories to force me in to doing something that was never going to be for me – I assure you) I debated taking up some short term experiences throughout my summer to get my foot under the door and learn more about the PR industry. The process of actually trying to find experience, I can assure you is tiring and at times – a little bit deflating; however perseverance is key and eventually I was offered 2 internships this summer. One as a work-at-home PR assistant at a music management company, the other, a 2 week internship at an in-office PR agency in Birmingham. If there’s any advice I can give you it would be to definitely go for it, the experience you get is invaluable and reassures you that you’re on the right course (it did for me anyway!); persevere as although you may not hear back from many companies you apply for, you will always prosper in the end and it’s usually the better agencies that are happy to take you. And finally, although the word ‘unpaid’ is entirely unappealing, it also should not be off-putting. Although you should limit yourself as to how much free work you actually do – do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of – it is totally understandable that organisations aren’t going to pay you at first and the experience you gain initially holds the value of greatly increasing your chances of walking in to a great post-grad job, which all in all carries much more worth than a few extra £’s.

I completed my 2 weeks Internship at Whistle PR in Birmingham and was initially blown away by how much responsibility I was given, it was far from filing and coffee making – which, lets be honest although easy doesn’t carry much experience for prospective graduates looking to make it in the industry – I am the kind of person that likes to be kept on my toes so the work load was never an issue to me. Whilst interning I was given a variety of tasks including writing, managing social media content and attending events (events such as a dog photo shoot – a definite perk!) I learned so much about the industry and how agencies work and feel comfortable that I have made the right career choice for me. The Intern experience also motivated me in to seeking more experience whilst at University, which resulted in me being offered five more placements, alongside a paid 1-day-a-week internship in Manchester – result! Before these 2 weeks I wouldn’t have thought to look around for more, so not only was the experience of great value to me, but it’s also pushed me to do even greater things.

Not every experience is worthwhile, but this one certainly was. I blogged about my experience as a work-at-home intern via my other blog so check it out at I did the trying & testing so you don’t have to! Any PR students reading this, if you are thinking about getting some experience, I would say definitely go for it. I went for it and will be forever grateful that I pushed myself to.

To break myself in to my new blog, as of (hopefully) Monday I will be doing a 30 day blog challenge, so do look out for that!

Love from Jessie x

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